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For people who have a hard time answering the question: "Where are you from?"

In Pico Iyer's talk from TEDGlobal 2013, he looks at the complex nature of the question: "Where are you from?" Because while his family originally comes from India, Iyer himself grew up in the United Kingdom. He spent the next 48 years living in the United States. Meanwhile, his heart resides in Japan. He calls these the "pieces of a stained glass self."

As he notes, in our increasingly global world, it's not uncommon to be a half-Korean, half-German woman in love with Paris or a half-Thai, half-French man in Canada.

And so we're curious: what are the pieces of YOUR stained glass whole? Share here and you may see your answers on the TED Blog soon.

I'll share first: I am a half-Italian, half-Polish Jewish-Christian with a Russian last name, who grew up in the Southern United States and now calls herself a New Yorker.

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  • Jul 29 2013: Hi Dear Kate Trgovnick.when a other countries' person asked me I would say:I am from china.when a chinese asked me I would answer my province,if a chinese who lives in the same province I do then I would answer my city.And the last I think I should answer:I am from my home...Lol.

    But does it really mean we got the answer for'Where are you from?Not really.Sometimes I have been confused a lot too:Where I am from,what do I live in this world for?who I am?Sometimes it sounded been enlighten:I am just a little grass or flower or a leaf,from the land,back to the land eventually.
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      • Jul 31 2013: Heheheheh..Dear Mary,I never read Bible,one of friends who is chinese american,he is trying to spread bible spirits around.That's quite good I read some words and sentences he shared with us from Bible.
        "From dust we are,and to dust we shall return" that is so great words to enlighten us:).Thanks for the sharing to us.
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        Jul 31 2013: Hi, just seen that u liked my comment here,I feel glad u showed it by giving thumbs up , so where r u from???????:-) he he he
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      • Jul 31 2013: Hi Dear Mary.M.Thanks for caring the topic from Anna:).I did read her topic in TED.Maybe it is too professional to answer.I didn't get what I can talk about the topic:Teachers' socialization'.Maybe it is from too academic issue to challenge me.So I have better to keep reading others TED friends comments to learn more from them.

        Thanks Mary:)
      • Aug 1 2013: Yes,I can't get it clearly.
        Yes,I guess Anna read some materials in chinese,and she wanna know more about it.I am supposed it is professional to talk about.
      • Aug 1 2013: yes,so sorry for that.

        By the way,Mary M.Are you on summer holiday now?I am on my summer holiday.It is relaxing.How about yours?Did you ask your daughter about penfriend with my daughter?I asked my daughter,she said she would like to have a try .
      • Aug 2 2013: Never mind:),that's good girls enjoy what they are doing.

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