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Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?

Sure, classical music still exists and is still evolving with new compositions. However, this perennial genre of music has been evidently on the decline with the rise of other types of music that is unfortunately promoted over classical music. I understand that with new generations come new tastes due to media and pop culture, but classical music has been preserved prominently from the Baroque period (1600s) well into the Contemporary and Late Romantic era (late 1800s- 1970s ish). I feel as though classical music should be integrated into education (it is in orchestra, choir, band etc) as a core subject as art is necessary along with athletics to foster a well balanced student. Unfortunately, this antiquated music is left behind and I am afraid that it will one day vanish as the number of composers are dwindling. What are your thoughts on this?


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  • Aug 6 2013: People are given a lot of choices these days. I compose classical music at home. I've had season tickets to the symphony. Orchestral music is wonderful. I think that classical music is for the most part not an expression of what is going on in peoples' lives. I just finished playing and watching a bluegrass music weekend. I saw some of the best musicians in that genre perform and visited with them too. These players show the same dedication and skills and complexity of music composition as classical players do. I was transfixed. The economic models for both genres are similar. Classical music is sponsored by donations from corporations and rich individuals. The bluegrass festival was sponsored with casino money. Techno music seems to better express the modern machine-like society we are living in today. Everything is scrutinized by computer 'til it is perfected and then mass produced. Quality music for me has human elements to it. Human elements are old fashioned though. Welcome to the machine. Convenience is the deciding dynamic here. There is nothing convenient about dedicating your life to learning an instrument. Way too messy. But it's well worth it.

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