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Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?

Sure, classical music still exists and is still evolving with new compositions. However, this perennial genre of music has been evidently on the decline with the rise of other types of music that is unfortunately promoted over classical music. I understand that with new generations come new tastes due to media and pop culture, but classical music has been preserved prominently from the Baroque period (1600s) well into the Contemporary and Late Romantic era (late 1800s- 1970s ish). I feel as though classical music should be integrated into education (it is in orchestra, choir, band etc) as a core subject as art is necessary along with athletics to foster a well balanced student. Unfortunately, this antiquated music is left behind and I am afraid that it will one day vanish as the number of composers are dwindling. What are your thoughts on this?


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  • Aug 3 2013: I agree, it's majorly lack of education. In my elementary school, mandatory instrumental education consisted of one year of instruments and in that amount of time no student can come to love an instrument well enough. Most students quit because you don't sound good when playing an instrument for only one year. Those who continue to enjoy classical music more. I play cello & piano and that experience of performing for others and myself has helped me tap into the emotion of great works of classical music. I also conjecture that the majority of people who dislike classical music haven't heard all it has to offer. They generalize it as Fur Elise and Turkish Rondo and have not delved deep enough to reveal truly magnificent pieces such as Gymnopedie and Claire De Lune. In sixth grade, my teacher made the entire class sit quietly and listen to classical music and then discuss the emotion of the piece afterward. I think this was an extremley effective way of learning about classical music because it gives instant gratification and connection to the intended and unintended consequences of the music.
    • Aug 5 2013: I agree that the level of appreciation of classical music might co-enside with the level of musical education.

      However, I also feel that the level of maturity is an important factor. Children are forced to take in certain pieces of classical music which they couldn't possibly truly comprehend at their age. Own example: I was thought to play Bach and, as a kid, found it really boring. As the years passed and my appreciation of music in general grew, I finally came to understand what a genius he was.

      I would propose that elementary music education should start with the easy, popular stuff. After mastering such music, one could realize why is classical music considered the to be amazing.

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