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Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?

Sure, classical music still exists and is still evolving with new compositions. However, this perennial genre of music has been evidently on the decline with the rise of other types of music that is unfortunately promoted over classical music. I understand that with new generations come new tastes due to media and pop culture, but classical music has been preserved prominently from the Baroque period (1600s) well into the Contemporary and Late Romantic era (late 1800s- 1970s ish). I feel as though classical music should be integrated into education (it is in orchestra, choir, band etc) as a core subject as art is necessary along with athletics to foster a well balanced student. Unfortunately, this antiquated music is left behind and I am afraid that it will one day vanish as the number of composers are dwindling. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Jul 25 2013: Classical music is an important part of a musician and almost every proper musician knows classical music as it provides a base for any genre. Name any genre and it has its roots in classical music. For example, rock/metal music needs a lot classical theory as the guitar leads are essential and we need classical music for it; dubstep, trance and other dance genre's are generally created on computers using DAW's and if the artist doesn't know classical music theory, it extremely difficult to make any music. As a musician I know how important it is and as long humans make music, classical music will live in one form or the other.

    Your concern is it is not very popular right? Well, as time passes, everything evolves and the style and genre of music evolves too. The future of music depends on the choice of young people as their choices make music last. Classical music is sort of boring, no offence but when combined with the right genre its EPIC! Today young people prefer something of a fast tempo and umm, for a lack of words,exciting music. Choice of music changes and music changes its form everyday. There is nothing to do but go with the flow. Or be the one guy that keeps the music living on.

    Also, everybody has a different musical choice. It depends on one's brain and mind. Everyone has a choice and we can't change it. If people are choosing less classical, blame the genes and the times.


    Times change, music evolves, choices change,
    one day the popular music will become "classical" music in the future,
    -musical evolution-
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      Jul 27 2013: Simon, I enjoyed reading your insightful comment.

      And thanks for the quote :)
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        Jul 27 2013: Made that quote by myself out of nothing.

        Anyway, thank you for your feedback :)

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