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Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?

Sure, classical music still exists and is still evolving with new compositions. However, this perennial genre of music has been evidently on the decline with the rise of other types of music that is unfortunately promoted over classical music. I understand that with new generations come new tastes due to media and pop culture, but classical music has been preserved prominently from the Baroque period (1600s) well into the Contemporary and Late Romantic era (late 1800s- 1970s ish). I feel as though classical music should be integrated into education (it is in orchestra, choir, band etc) as a core subject as art is necessary along with athletics to foster a well balanced student. Unfortunately, this antiquated music is left behind and I am afraid that it will one day vanish as the number of composers are dwindling. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Jul 18 2013: As we mature and become consumers we develop a nostalgic sense of affection for the music of the wild and free years of our youth. We remember the prevailing circumstances when we first heard and bonded forever with a piece of music. Classical music is largely ignored now because it was largely ignored in the past. It will continue to be largely ignored until it is experienced by young people in a manner consistent with their fast-paced world of 15-second sound bites and maximized informality. Season tickets and tuxedoes are not going to do it. The entertainment industry seeks profit from the appetites of the consumers. No appetite equals no exposure. We grow-up without ever hearing what makes classical music so wonderful. It's a societal structure thing.
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      Jul 18 2013: So true, I guess the question is now "how can we expose a generation to classical music or more culture per se?" I feel as though the majority in my generation (Me Generation) is blinded by social media and being sucked into the same thing- thereby killing individuality in the long run (everyone talks and likes the same thing- where's room for diversity?)
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        Jul 18 2013: Many problems with one solution. Responsible role models must introduce the young to the time-tested things of lasting value like classical music. Create a market (i.e. profit for the entertainment industry) and the music will sell itself. We are fortunate to have a top notch member-supported all classical FM station operating 24/7 here in Phoenix! Parents can tune-in an hour on the weekend to show the youth what musical depth, beauty, and drama is like. Here's hoping there is an awakening one day.

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