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Why is it that classical music is now ignored by the majority of society?

Sure, classical music still exists and is still evolving with new compositions. However, this perennial genre of music has been evidently on the decline with the rise of other types of music that is unfortunately promoted over classical music. I understand that with new generations come new tastes due to media and pop culture, but classical music has been preserved prominently from the Baroque period (1600s) well into the Contemporary and Late Romantic era (late 1800s- 1970s ish). I feel as though classical music should be integrated into education (it is in orchestra, choir, band etc) as a core subject as art is necessary along with athletics to foster a well balanced student. Unfortunately, this antiquated music is left behind and I am afraid that it will one day vanish as the number of composers are dwindling. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Jul 17 2013: I could be wrong, but learning classical music by rote has the unfortunate characteristic of bypassing the heart, if you know what I mean.

    I like to think I can tell apart the mechanical playing and reproduction of a classical piece, from the same piece played with feeling and emotion. The latter has an ethereal beauty to it, whereas the former is merely a display of mathematical competence.

    It may be symptomatic of 'the heart' being ignored or dismissed as so much fluff - not just in music, but also in other art forms.
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      Jul 17 2013: Amen to that my friend, as a musician, I know what it feels to have the "musical experience." Yes one of the main problems of classical music and various other art forms (along with athletics and academics- pretty much anything we do), is that we tend to not focus or put effort into the work due to distractions spawning from various things today- social media, stress, the next TV Show coming in a few minutes....anything really! Because of a lack of effort, the playing becomes "boring" and mechanical. I am sure that everyone has the potential to realize and create great music, its just that not everyone can truly focus in one sitting in order to work on the music and make beautiful music (its a lot of work). Thus, I totally agree with you in the regard that classical music is hard to connect with for many since it is sometimes hard to get through and make fun without hitting phases of turmoil and boredom (even I get frustrated trying to finish a Bach fugue sometimes).

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