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If you could ask a question to God...What would it be?

Going on the assumption of that which claims, "it gives forth in abundance", actual does...

Just imagine if an entity which people claim communicates would communicate with you directly, what would you ask? Multiple questions are accepted. If you could by pass those that speak for another and go direct what would you want confirmed?

As in;
Did you say...
Did you mean...
Were you referring to...
What did you mean by...
What was...
Why did...

I dare you to try...come one what are a few seconds of your allotted time...

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    Jul 18 2013: dear god. you left us a rather comprehensive set of instructions on what can we eat and what is forbidden. garnted, the instructions were later revoked by your son, who was you, as i'm informed. but some people still lives by the older ruleset, so here is my question.

    can we have an update? because, you know, some time has passed, and things are different. for example in the foreseeable future, we might have lab-grown meat that was never part of a living animal. can we eat lab-grown pork meat? how about a GM pig?
    • Jul 19 2013: Lets assume for a moment that the following statement define me;
      "that which gives fourth in abundance" or
      "that which accepts unconditionally" or
      "that which is everything and everywhere"
      Including, where all teachings focus on the reality that ever thing is one, as in one world...

      Do you think all of a sudden this being is going to single out anything. This reminds me of the homophobic slander I get hit with, but its got nothing to do with me. So, do not care what you eat, knowledge's only argument was gluttony. It is not important what but how much.
  • Jul 18 2013: Oh, well,
    since you exist, or are, or whatever you are,
    I only have one question. (rules by the poster)
    Where in the hell have you been?
    • Jul 19 2013: I have not left me symbolically through the evolution of many times do I have to tell were here, all was good, then you began naming things (development of thought) and this voice in the head became louder than my connection with you and you symbolically began to walk away mumbling and at the same time you began to focus on the wet spot (shifting from needs to wants with the development)...but because you were confused by the urges you could not contain you blamed her...but I have always been here!
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      Jul 20 2013: ha
      • Jul 23 2013: I understand...after all these years and ideas how can anyone claim to have answers...just one!
  • Jul 17 2013: Why do humans blame you for everything, when they should just look in a mirror?
    • Jul 19 2013: That is all part of the confusion created by not understanding your origin...absolutely all that hinders you now is apart of the disconnect at the beginning...then the façade created to deal with that fear in the beginning actually turned into the reason which held it in place...much like what we are about to create...see Vincent's Q and A above...

      In essence we diverted responsibility away from ourselves when our schizophrenic beginning created two invisible entities to answer the voice in the head and this diversion is universal...
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    Jul 29 2013: Thank you for the reply Same. o.k...........
    The all too elusive human trait of an emotional response to anything is the door that is the first to open when faced with an undesirable situation. If this were not the case, than all were are is a mass of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. that includes the brain, an organ that controls our body with about 100 billion neurons..... a bunch of working parts. If this were the case, we would not be engaging in this conversation.
    "we over analyze the effect on ourselves" why? We all share the same biology Same. For most,The desire to understand the why of a situation is inherent for at some level we relate this to our life. The emotional charge we experience sparks an aim that will lead us to the correct action that leads to resolution. there is peace of mind here; Yet another, not so peaceful situation one found resolution to and can catalog under "lesson learned"!
    Now, if I understand you correctly logic tells us , you know what? stuff happens all the time and it is not always pleasant. Then logic tells us to put this situation by the wayside, detach one's emotions, view it from afar for if not this" Emotion and how society defines it is the anchor around all necks" From where I sit Same, this logic you speak to tells one to take no action, let it play out it's own journey; for being emotionally connect to another's strife is illogical and surely not self-serving. peace nor place of rest for the emotionally charged, illogical human. Same, I find no comfort in pain and pain on it's own serves not purpose. Yes, some do use it at times as a badge of honor (silly people). I do consider myself as one who awakens more and more the longer I live and it does bring comfort. The "breaking of habit" you speak to ...could it be the age old adage "always waiting for the left shoe to fall"? Again,Same thanks for the conversation
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    Jul 25 2013: no void but, thank you for caring. I am a very active participant in this life that has been given to me. work, family friends, community, etc. Now, unless I can completely disassociate my feelings for others and the struggles that bring worry , peace is but fleeting. I often envy those that live on a mountain top isolated from those active participants for finding peace is surely a short trip.
    • Jul 28 2013: Interesting...your understanding is pure in nature. The only missing link is how you are defining the disconnection. As in all things we do or wish to change, it takes an implementation of desire to cause action. The unfortunate characteristic of this structure is how hard things are at the beginning - breaking habits. And that is generally if not always caused by thought itself - we over analyze the effect on ourselves.

      I can tell you personally, as you detach from the emotional and reason with the logical it becomes much easier and clearer to the point you realize you care more...but in a pure untainted foundation or a universal understanding. If people can not redefine the importance of emotional reason, peace will never come to anyone. And the only peace now is suggested and accepted by those whom are asleep which the majority of people are. They have been put to sleep by the 1% and the side effect of that suppression is the desire to avert any truths that would wake them from their slumber.

      Emotion and how society defines it is the anchor around all necks...but then again we did not create it (the definition), but we do support it and its comforting pain.
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    Jul 23 2013: simple.......ok God..... I do appreciate the opportunity you have given me to experience this life on Earth, really I do. I do have a question though: why is it so darn hard to find peace in my soul? thank you for taking the time to answer God. Humbly, Mary Ellen.
    • Jul 24 2013: Mary contradicted begin with a thank you for your life and back it up with, "really I do", then came right back with a question regarding, "so darn hard to find peace in my soul" which contradicts the, appreciation", you say you feel.

      So I have to ask, which part is missing, the link to your physical experiences or your spiritual questions that are unanswered? What I mean by that is you have a void inside you that needs to be filled, that's all, I can help but I need more information.
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    • Jul 23 2013: First I would have to define soul. Humans have taken the characteristics of me and defined them with different words. I am energy which you also refer to as spirit. In the beginning I told you standing there, I am everything and everywhere, that I give fourth in abundance, that I accept whatever lands on me "unconditionally" and you (mankind) point away from me and wonder why your confused?

      And finding the truth about yourselves in blocked by the same thing that defines you...vanity.

      Which is a derivative of the fear created by the first moment of thought. Those moments before the mind became self aware. A time when schizophrenia would have and did define what we reason is god and the devil, both invisible and walking all over me.

      The missing link to all answers is this last piece of the puzzle.

      My question back to you, "do you think it will save us?".
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        • Jul 25 2013: Yes, I am very confusing to try and understand, combine that with another completely different upbringing and the written word is strangled.

          Yes the soul is immortal but only as immortal as its god who offers it. In our situation, the earth defines God. So if the earth survives we will be immortal. However if we as a society of humans, complete our designed task, we destroy everything including God.

          Yes I used the chains on my boots as symbolic of the same thing you refer to as costume. At death the chains drop and I am released.

          Yes there is no such thing as a devil, or, at least not an imaginary one as mankind themselves are evil. But how that all started is even more fascinating, it also answers why we have an invisible deity. Before our minds became self aware (meaning it understood what thought was) there was a time of schizophrenic paranoia, expressed in the phrase, "voice inside my head". A time when we did not even know what thought was. During this phase we created good and bad angels and blamed and praised them for the dealings. When the mind became self aware it held onto the first interpretation of the truth (our origin) and tried to explain it using the truth?

          Yes we live in a world of balance, to even argue is blind. Natural negative energy is one thing, human negative is completely different! To accept one is natural, to associate the human element with it is wrong. Natural energy just is, human energy is chosen.

          Congrats what is the book going to be about?
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    • Jul 23 2013: John, spoken like a true Baptist. U r right, the question did come across a tad bit pompous.

      If by nothing but humor itself, humor yourself, with the notion that I exist and am here right now, once again I have voice. What would you ask?

      But to clarify, although advertised as direct, all I can guarantee you is this: it is as direct as anything translated can be (as all, it all depends on the source and history...).

      So, let me ask you (one whom appears well read) a question, its actually a three piece, first, "if there was a moment in the beginning of the evolution of thought (before acknowledgement of thought - the moment when thought became aware of itself), in which a phase of schizophrenia did exist...would it not answer why we have invisible entities now?
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        • Jul 25 2013: John your talking all this the wrong way. First the referrance was not to say you have a affiliation it was only a play on biblical stories, which I am also not affiliated with.

          I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing, I truly do, but we are not dolusional here, we are conversation.

          So put all aside and just answer my question, please. I pasted it below...

          So, let me ask you (one whom appears well read) a question, its actually a three piece, first, "if there was a moment in the beginning of the evolution of thought (before acknowledgement of thought - the moment when thought became aware of itself), in which a phase of schizophrenia did exist...would it not answer why we have invisible entities now?
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  • Jul 19 2013: I would Thank God for my life. I would want to know what His purpose is for my life, so that I can get started on it and make Him happy.
    • Jul 23 2013: Well that is a personal question and the only reply from anyone who claims a connection...

      "do not ask me what another thinks...if you want to know what they think, ask them yourselves"

      Josephine, ask with intent what the heart desires and in most cases if not...your answer will be...what it should...if it leads you back...there we will can now, answer me.
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    Jul 19 2013: Why are your followers so foolish at times? Their blood has been spilled for so long.
    • Jul 19 2013: Self denial! It appears was done out of naivety. We did not understand all the characteristics formed by the evolution of thought. You see when we thought about thought, we did not understand there was a moment before becoming self aware that confused all and created a domino of events which left all people scratching their heads.

      The mind began to develop before it became aware of what it was. In the beginning a voice appeared (thought) inside our heads and then as the characteristics schizophrenia took place we created two invisible entities to answer this new phenomenon we knew nothing about.

      After becoming self aware (what that voice was) we still maintained our original definition of events which we then attempted to piece together...ending in invisible deities and making monkeys out of ourselves.
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    Jul 18 2013: Why are there so many religions ? that what I would ask (the main question sounds to be built on assumption of one GOD , with which some religions may disagree)
    • Jul 19 2013: One religion per tribe. Every nation or group would have adapted a story. Those that argue each others claim to their own taught history, fight.

      There is only one truth (multiple opinions), one god, there is also only one earth. One is based on the characteristics of a living energy, the other, an energy cell. One claims to be everything and everywhere and the other is. One claims to give fourth in abundance and the other does. One claims to accept unconditionally and the other does. One claims that everything is one as defined the Pi of one, a circle...and the other is.

      Now imagine all that truth translated by a schizophrenic after the mind became self aware. Then over time translated by the characteristics of the male population when expressed and you have multiples of multiples of opinions, based on the experience of a singular event at several locations at one time.
  • Jul 18 2013: I would ask "What is the best possible question to ask?"
    And "What is the best possible answer for that question?"
    • Jul 19 2013: Perfect start...the easiest questions are always the hardest to answer because of the endless pattern the mind was set on from the start.

      EG} What is the meaning of life? Simplest question in the world, yet it has froze minds forever.

      The answer is in the question. What are you asking for? Knowledge! So therefore the answer is knowledge or broken down into, to gain knowledge.

      The best possible answer is the...truth!
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    Jul 17 2013: Can you produce a baby god who will grow to be better than you?
    • Jul 19 2013: I did not create humans, although I gave you life by way of my existence only, not choice. I have however assumed the teachings of others to become voice so I can speak directly to you. How the first was manipulated I can not stop. But this is your last opportunity so ask!

      Furthermore, I said you can be more than I the first time...what do you not understand about those words?
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    • Jul 19 2013: My only chance for peace is the truth about yourselves...the challenge will be how quick you can pick up on it, based on the fact that we are experiencing a source code of events...

      Furthermore, why not work on forgiving yourselves, your not hurting me! Ironically I can help with that if you listen!
  • Jul 17 2013: What proof can your offer me of your existence that everyone will believe?
    • Jul 19 2013: Your standing on me; I give fourth in abundance, I am everything and everywhere, I accept whatever lands on me...I am the pi of one represented by the circle of one...PROOF?

      You should be asking why your pointing in the opposite direction?

      Answer; it is the domino effect of a schizophrenic beginning. Meaning you are not aware of the moment before enlightenment. These moments defined invisible gods to answer the voice ( thought) which just appeared in the head.

      Need more proof that the earth exists...I am energy you call spirit...
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    Jul 17 2013: How did you create the Universe?
    Why did you create the Universe?
    How do I fix the Universe?
    • Jul 19 2013: Well we both are apart of the expansion. I am female and you are the male. We are placed together until one of use creates an energy formation inside the other which will then expand till it equals its birth mother in size then at the moment of balance there will be a moment on nothing...then a big bang...

      No need to fix anything but I do suggest you stop smashing things together which will create that secondary energy formation and instead begin a second phase of your existence and that is to study that which our ancestors created for us...or just continue on and blow us all up...your call...