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What is YOUR idea for a Ted Conversation?

Let's say you were given $1 million.
What is the BEST way you think to spend it in order to solve society's issues?

No idea is a stupid idea. All of you guys on here are capable of a COMPELLING Ted Conversation.


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    Jul 19 2013: Of course we are capable, James, if you would just leave us some topics... :

    I found the meaning of life
    IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE: The dangers of high speed learning.
    I've been moving too fast.
    What is YOUR idea for a Ted Conversation?
    I think I can become CEO of IBM
    How to Look Past the Perceptual.
    How I joined Ted and why other newcomers are AWESOME
    Talking without the Need to Impress Part II
    Understanding, Listening, and... Focus!

    Come on, what's left to seriously talk about?

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      Aug 1 2013: Sup Lejan,

      So as Cristophe Cop has said, I probably was going through a manic phase and I did go through Psychosis when I went to the hospital. My posts are what you may call "recklessness".

      However, I have calmed and wisened, and I'm beginning to control my mind to exercise more caution while generating awesome ideas.

      Excitement is great! But overexcitement can kill.

      However, I won't change my stance on that the Meaning of Life is Fun. If you're not having fun, then something's wrong. I'm sticking with this conviction to the end, and I don't regret anything that I've done.
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        Aug 3 2013: Relax, James, I was just joking ..., indicated by this little happy emoticon at the end of my above comment.

        Anyway, good to know that you calmed & wisened and that you are back on track.

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          Aug 3 2013: Oh I gotcha, you've always been pretty easygoing on here :)
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        Aug 3 2013: Not always easygoing, James, but often in return to your comments ... :o)

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