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What's the next step in space exploration?

We now have a vague idea of the vastness of the universe. Space exploration seems to not be a hot topic anymore and as we continue to fight each other and grovel over how broke we all are, we forget just how tiny we really are. So let's pretend countries weren't toppling left and right and people didn't give a rat's ass about money. Let's assume we all realized we are humans cut from the same cloth and our main goal was to seek out new life. Star Trek but without first contact being the catalyst. As our technology stands today, what is the next step?


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  • Apr 11 2011: I think that we should realize that the moon is the orbital equivalent of a deep water port and that the commercial exploitation of space, asteroid mining, and energy production begins there. If there is a buck a yen or a ruble in it they will come. You have to walk before you can run so I think we need to master travelling in our own solar system before we think about moving on to the next.

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