Mairaj Pirada

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How to make ideas happen?

We ideate a lot. But that's never enough, you know, so how can we implement on our ideas to make them a reality?

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    Jul 17 2013: Simple as it is, simple as the words are, hard it is: Planning, information, Hardwork, discipline, patience, persistence. All in the mix. Not one of them missing. Nothing good comes easy; these separate winners and great achievers from wishful thinkers.
  • Jul 17 2013: Do not lose the concept, but communicate it and carry the idea forward into a practical model or proto-type if at all possible. If not, see how you can record and communicate the idea to someone who can use it to do the same. If it is not possible to build or model, record it an archive it somehow that permits others to use it when it fits in a bigger puzzle. Communicate it with a drawing, patent, or some means of transferring the thought to others.

    Do as much development as your engineering skills, drawing skills, fabrication skills, and budget allow you to do. Do not leave it up to the future readers to do the work, you do as much as possible. Communicate it, sell it, look for applications, and look for ways to adapt it to new situations or ideas.

    A non-executable vision is just a dream.