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Technology becoming part of people, and artificially bettering ourselves

If at some point in the future we develop the technology to significantly improve our lives, such as increased mental capacity, endurance, sensory information, etc. should we take the leap, or do we risk losing what makes us human in the first place?
Genetic modifications of humans could also factor into this, as it is a means of artificially advancing ourselvs.


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  • Jul 17 2013: Gee I misread bettering as battering. Maybe that is more likely.
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      Jul 17 2013: So you don't approve of the idea of people becoming "more than human" through implants and such? Is there any special reason (just curious)?
      • Jul 18 2013: No it's not an issue It just depends.When you have cataract surgery the old cloudy lens is removed and replaced by plastic. Worked well for me.

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