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Education Is Everyone's Business ; Lets Do Something About It. (+ TEDxKL audition video )

As Socrates quoted " The of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new . " In our context, for education to be changed , what is needed is a paradigm shift, in which education needs to be "reimagined".

Currently my friends and I are working on setting up a website that acts like a "voice" to students , where we'll be collecting testimonials on experiences in education. As for former students, they can share what they learned outside school, but should be taught in school. If you have any good idea for the name of the website , feel free to share.

Here's the video from the TEDxKL audition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPPfL1fP0Sg&feature=youtu.be . I really appreciate if you could share the link to your friends on facebook, twitter etc. as it really means a lot to me.

If you wish to be in touch , you can follow me on twitterhttps://twitter.com/FaizulZuraimi or send me an email faizulzuraimi@gmail.com

open letter to teachers:

For updates , do follow my blog here : faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com

The message I'm trying to convey is that everyone has the choice to make a difference in education , and the least you can do is by sharing the video to your friends :) lets do something about our education!

UPDATE: I've created a facebook page. Share your experiences in education system here. And don't forget to tell your friends to like this page too! https://www.facebook.com/voicesofglobalstudents


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    Jul 29 2013: The current education system doesn't work. We both know that. However, have you considered any of the old education systems, instead of limiting yourself to it having to be a new education system? Perhaps the education system doesn't need to be "re-imagined", so much as it needs to be "remembered"? After all, you can shift a paradigm any way you want, not merely from old to new. I'm sure that just as technology is offering new ways to educate, there are old ways of learning that are falling out of use, but were still working very well.

    What made me think of this was your quote from Socrates. He was the single best teacher in the history of the world. That's my opinion, but it's shared with a great many others, including other ancient philosophers like Plato and his modern day biographers like Paul Johnson. He employed, as you may well know, the Socratic method. I've found the method useful in coming to a reliable understanding of the world around me, particularly in the absence of a reliable education system to help me do so. This particular section of the Wikipedia article on the Socratic Method deals directly with using it in the education system and would probably be a good jumping off place for more internet searches on the subject:


    Read some of Plato's dialogues to see the Socratic Method in action and you will be amazed. I bet there are other forms of older education systems that might have elements you want to adapt to the new education you are proposing. Hope this was useful, but it's alright if it wasn't. Best of luck.
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      Aug 1 2013: Good point there . . Yes I have . Which is 1 of the reasons why I quoted the origin word of education , which is educe " to draw from within" . The problem is that the education system has deviated it's purpose with it being modelled for the period of Industrialisation.

      I haven't done much reading on the Socratic method , it sounds very interesting and useful. Thanks for pointing it out :)

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