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I propose a world with our "work" or "jobs" based around education and machines/robotics doing our actual work.

Less time working. More time learning. More leisure time with family and friends.

Can we turn the money system that we are all part of now into a learning system that will benefit human kind? People have been scared of robotics taking over their "jobs" in the past and present but should this really scare us? In my eyes, this means we are on the verge of evolving from our working system. This would free people from their jobs and allow them to concentrate on what is more important not only for them but for the whole human race. I believe we could use the military's system of pay in the educational system. For each level of education you complete, you are bumped up. What better way to help the human race is there but by giving more incentive to go to school and keep learning through your whole life? Nothing in this world actually costs a thing. It is people charging people. We are focusing our lives too much on money. This money system is taking us down the wrong path.

Robotics are now becoming something that can be used for the greater good. They are not just tools to be used for businesses to profit from. We now see concepts of fully autonomous vehicles. Whole factories can be ran by machines. Soon we will have the technology to apply robotics to many or even most jobs that we think we "have" to do.

Wouldn't this be a bright future? People going to school for life. Our job would be to educate ourselves so that we can help build a better future. Think of the intelligence level of the average person. Think about how much we could improve upon if this system was put in place.


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  • Jul 22 2013: This is a terrible idea. The idea for people for their education won't work, it doesn't work in our public school systems. People should be paid for their productivity or on how much they create.

    I firmly believe learning and education are a great thing, but if it is not put to use in a valuable way to society its worthless. Unused education is a commodity that has no value. The world only needs so many English professors. That is why English majors go to journalism, pr, and advertising to make use of a commodity degree. The same could be said of any other higher learning.

    Technology can make us more productive, but those who can control it will profit from it. Those who resign to let Rosie the Robot do the work will be the slaves to it.

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