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The Digital Divide (can the gap be closed or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society)

every day the world is becoming more technologically advanced but only in certain areas of the world and in certain communities. its a matter of haves and have-nots. the people who 'have' will be able to thrive in the future and the people who 'have-not' will fall more rapidly behind. and its not enough to just hand people computers they have to know how to use them because even today you could hand adults a smart phone and they will only use 5% of it and they will feel technologically advanced using only 5% of its abilities. You cant hand out technology to the wrong people because some people people will use it for nefarious deeds. For example to look up how to make a bomb out of house hold materials or organizes a flash mob to rob the local store. don't get me wrong there is an infinite amount of good productive useful material but the Digital Divide is a serious matter that is growing wider and wider every day. my ultimate question is this. Is it possible to close the Digital Divide or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society?


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    Jul 16 2013: I only know half of the potential of my phone but it's just a phone and mp3 and ebook reader without the net. Maybe "Smart" should not of been used when they nicknamed them, with some vpn software i can slide in and use someones bandwidth to surf if i reach my cap but that requires continuous maintenance and the kids out there are always ablidging when it comes to their pet projects. What it comes down to is whether someone has morals and just uses it to just surf.

    When was the last home made flour bomb intercepted? Take a look at the spread of the railroad and then the spread of the road network and now the net, so..What is the next great infrastructure to be built? I don't think it's going to be digital, Many in our world first make sure where ever they go there is a powerplug, it was only the other day when i realised how enslaved we are to it. I watched someone go from calm and poised to very stressed when their battery died. Is this a divide? Or will our future gens be too scared to go without and never leave the safe confines of the power infrastructure? does anyone still keep scrabble boards these days?

    I'm willing to bet 10 thumbsup that it will be a Magline infrastructure.
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      Jul 16 2013: "i only know half the potential of my phone but its just a phone and mp3 and ebook reader without the net."
      the problem everyone has had with this conversation in the inability to imagine the future. very soon our smart phones will be starting our cars, turning the coffee pot on, closing the blinds. all these things are actually already around today. so whats next

      "whats the next great infrastructure to be built." you said not digital but digital will still be involved. as rails are still involved but are now high-speed trains, monorails, or subways.

      the problem with the digital divide is more about who is exposed to digital things now because they will have a leg up in the future and the people who are not exposed will fall farther behind and more established places will actually start to fall behind also.

      "when was the last home made flour bomb intercepted?" well actually earlier this year there was the Boston marathon.
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        Jul 17 2013: That's current tech available anywhere, the net hasn't stopped spreading it's just in peoples minds that it has not moved fast enough and in those places that don't have access they will learn off the backs of those that have gone before.

        What is the greatest software package has anyone given the world?

        It's what most servers use today, Linux.

        I work within the building industry so i've seen what it takes to outfit a block or house to bring it up to the level you are referring to and once you see what's available you start to see it's just like phones. A better model is already in the pipeline just waiting to be released. Do you see what i'm getting at? Every 10 years you have to refurbish the whole house to stay up to date due to new and revised tech.

        Digital is here and now, it has been since 95', it's ongoing, not new and revolutionary.The only thing i can come up with that will be planet sweeping will be a Mui or Dmi or whatever one wants to call it.

        There's a race going on out there at the moment and it's not digital, the race to build the room temp superconductive material that will take transport to it's next level.

        I don't dispute what you state i just don't think it's important unless you have a personal investment in this area.

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