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The Digital Divide (can the gap be closed or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society)

every day the world is becoming more technologically advanced but only in certain areas of the world and in certain communities. its a matter of haves and have-nots. the people who 'have' will be able to thrive in the future and the people who 'have-not' will fall more rapidly behind. and its not enough to just hand people computers they have to know how to use them because even today you could hand adults a smart phone and they will only use 5% of it and they will feel technologically advanced using only 5% of its abilities. You cant hand out technology to the wrong people because some people people will use it for nefarious deeds. For example to look up how to make a bomb out of house hold materials or organizes a flash mob to rob the local store. don't get me wrong there is an infinite amount of good productive useful material but the Digital Divide is a serious matter that is growing wider and wider every day. my ultimate question is this. Is it possible to close the Digital Divide or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society?


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    Jul 15 2013: This is how the gap will close.

    Those who were lucky enough to have the better opportunity, give back to society. No child left behind. The REAL one.

    Everyone is a genius at heart, but only if they're allowed to by society. Society needs to provide true "equal opportunity" by simply Listening to their Voice.

    That's it.

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      Jul 15 2013: so my success would be your success. which in a shorter phrase is capitalism
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        Jul 15 2013: Capitalism, yes. But I like the word Crowdfunding better.
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          Jul 15 2013: I'm not saying capitalism is a bad thing but its not the ultimate way neither is socialism or any other idea they have today because all systems require no one to abuse the system then it will be perfect but truth is people are going to abuse any system.
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        Jul 15 2013: No devised system can prevent human corruption, I'll tell you that much.

        I believe that people can be changed, if they get punched in the gut by a compelling story. And enough support behind that story :) It works better than anything else I've seen. Just gotta find the right story to get the message acrossed.
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          Jul 15 2013: i really like your idea about storytelling but you also have to take into account that not every kid likes stories, because everyone prefers to learn differently in some way or another because every person is different
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        Jul 15 2013: Come back to me when you find a kid who doesn't like stories. (If you're really gonna do this, I'd suggest asking them "What's your favorite story?" or something along the lines of that).

        If you can do that, then I'll be convinced that there's more to it than stories. Until then, I'm standing strong on this one.
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          Jul 15 2013: well I'm only 17 and as much as i go against it, being 17 makes me a kid. i don't like stories I'm not saying they are the worst thing but i prefer debating through learning. stories are just analogies for real world experiences but if kids have not experienced what the stories are try to say then there is gonna be no point getting across. and how do you teach maths with stories
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        Jul 15 2013: "i don't like stories I'm not saying they are the worst thing but i prefer debating through learning"

        Debating is telling a story. It's tells a story about your character, about how you think, about how you debate, about how you listen or don't listen, and about how you're going to get others to agree with your points or at the very least, respect.

        Everything has a story behind it.

        Don't underestimate your own experiences and don't underestimate what a story is.

        Also, have you not read Dr. Seuss as a kid or something? Or watched some TV shows you liked? Or Youtube videos? Or do you like history? History tells a story about us humans in the past. Biology tells a story about what's going on in a microscopic level. Math tells a story too, but we probably don't know it yet. Maybe that's why it's so intriguing, why is Math set as the rules that govern our logic?
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          Jul 15 2013: from what your saying basically everything is a story so whats the point of emphasizing story telling because it seems like that's what we are already doing
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        Jul 15 2013: "so whats the point of emphasizing story telling because it seems like that's what we are already doing"

        Did you realize everything was a story had I not told you? Not everyone realizes this. This is my point.

        A story gets the point across.

        I've been telling you lots of stories in my posts to use to prove points. You've agreed with a lot of them if not all. I've kept you intrigued that's for sure :)

        Have you noticed in every single Ted Talk, they ALWAYS tell you a story in the beginning. Some were really funny, a lot were really emotional. They all do a good job getting a point across because that's exactly what they all did, tell a story.

        Telling a story is a proven method of teaching, and we've had technology to tell a story since caveman era.

        Blasting facts at you is a mistake. This is why so many powerpoint presentations are so disengaging am I right?
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        Jul 15 2013: Also, pictures tell great stories.

        What's the story in this picture?
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        Jul 15 2013: "He who tells the greatest story, can change the most unwilling minds."
        - James Zhang :P

        It's all about HOW you tell the story, not what the story is necessarily about.

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