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The Digital Divide (can the gap be closed or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society)

every day the world is becoming more technologically advanced but only in certain areas of the world and in certain communities. its a matter of haves and have-nots. the people who 'have' will be able to thrive in the future and the people who 'have-not' will fall more rapidly behind. and its not enough to just hand people computers they have to know how to use them because even today you could hand adults a smart phone and they will only use 5% of it and they will feel technologically advanced using only 5% of its abilities. You cant hand out technology to the wrong people because some people people will use it for nefarious deeds. For example to look up how to make a bomb out of house hold materials or organizes a flash mob to rob the local store. don't get me wrong there is an infinite amount of good productive useful material but the Digital Divide is a serious matter that is growing wider and wider every day. my ultimate question is this. Is it possible to close the Digital Divide or will its exponential growth cause a disjunctive society?


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    Jul 15 2013: Here's an interesting table. Switch it so that it shows penetration as a percentage of population.
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      Jul 15 2013: thank you for the chart it is very interesting but is also quite deceiving for instance
      Falkland Islands has the highest percentage of population connected to the internet at 96.9% but yet when you look at the number of internet users its only 2,842.

      so obviously smaller countries will have a higher % of users connected
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        Jul 15 2013: The Falklands have .969 Internet hookups per capita.
        The Falklands is a small country.
        Therefore all small countries have higher % of users connected.
        Really? Is that Digital Divide logic?
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          Jul 15 2013: its easier to supply to a smaller amount of people
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        Jul 15 2013: RE: "Its easirer to supply to. . . ". That is not my point. Your logic states, ". . . obviously smaller countries will have a higher % of users connected. ". I doubt that is true. Surely there are small countries having low % of hook-ups (or is it "hooks-up"?). Also, if this is a real global problem, are you suggesting the solution would be to see that EVERYONE is provided with a functioning Internet hook-up?
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          Jul 15 2013: im not saying all small countries but well developed small countries with an economic stature very similar to the united states will obviously have a higher percent of people connected. what we could do in the U.S. is maybe compare there country to one of our states. more power to local governments and less for the federal government.

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