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Are young adults today lacking life skills that inhibit them to determine an individual life track?

So I'm an Asian American raised under immigrant parents who came to this country to start a family. Therefore, I wasn't taught much about the system pertaining to everyday life skills. For example,

*How to do taxes
* What taxes are
* How to vote
* What political parties are
* How to write a resume/cover letter/anything related to getting a job
* How to write a check/balance a check book
* Anything to do with banking
* How to do loans for college
* How to jump start a car or other basic emergency things
* How to buy a car or house

We are distracted with the free flow of information that we forget how essential these skills are in order to promote confidence for independence.

I understand that these can be learned through parents or as you go on, but what about the 99% protesting on Wall Street? If they knew about credit scores or interest rates, would so many students have taken out those loans?

Throughout my study, I found most high school graduates who are going to college don't have any idea of what they want to study. I believe it is because they lack the confidence to believe in themselves to pursue a higher purpose in life.

I hope I explained my idea clearly enough as this is my first conversation here on TED. I hope to hear from most of you!


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    Jul 16 2013: Young adult here. I've always been taught to be patient and take my time selecting the path I want to go down. After all, I'll be stuck with it for decades after.
    • Jul 16 2013: How come we young adults are stuck with the notion that we have to "select" a path? Why can't we make one?
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        Jul 16 2013: Hmm. Good question.

        Probably stems from this sort of conversation.

        Kid: "I wanna be a billionaire by building a city on Mars!"
        Mom: "Aww honey, that's great."
        Mom's friend: "Isn't he so adorable."

        End of conversation. No effort in manifesting the kid's dream is made. No advice and no support.
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        Jul 16 2013: Everyone makes a path, everyone's different. These paths consist of the choices we make in the environments through which we pass..

        Even people who go to college and choose a major (or two), are not just selecting a fixed path. Each person will pull in different information and have different experiences inside and outside the classroom, in jobs, and in other activities.

        It's all very "custom."
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        Jul 16 2013: I'm also talking about young adults. My point is that the problem that exists with young adults starts when you're a kid.
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      Jul 16 2013: Hi you, you are right. I am student. My major in university is international business law but i like marketing. Besides I want to studey IELTS and marketing english. Now i am a staff of an education company, my duty is seeking customers for company. I have so many plans. I don't know how to do all of them. Many people said that I should give up something.
      Every day I always intend to do many things but I never finish them. Such as I intend I will use 6 hours for working and 6 hours for learning but I can't.
      In my opinion, with most of young adults is they don't know what the realy like. When my teachers in university ask what do they want to do, they answer:"I don't know". And another problem is if they like anything, they have no concrete plan for it.
      And the result is they stuck with it.
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        Jul 22 2013: Welcome to the "question mark" generation.

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