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Are young adults today lacking life skills that inhibit them to determine an individual life track?

So I'm an Asian American raised under immigrant parents who came to this country to start a family. Therefore, I wasn't taught much about the system pertaining to everyday life skills. For example,

*How to do taxes
* What taxes are
* How to vote
* What political parties are
* How to write a resume/cover letter/anything related to getting a job
* How to write a check/balance a check book
* Anything to do with banking
* How to do loans for college
* How to jump start a car or other basic emergency things
* How to buy a car or house

We are distracted with the free flow of information that we forget how essential these skills are in order to promote confidence for independence.

I understand that these can be learned through parents or as you go on, but what about the 99% protesting on Wall Street? If they knew about credit scores or interest rates, would so many students have taken out those loans?

Throughout my study, I found most high school graduates who are going to college don't have any idea of what they want to study. I believe it is because they lack the confidence to believe in themselves to pursue a higher purpose in life.

I hope I explained my idea clearly enough as this is my first conversation here on TED. I hope to hear from most of you!


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    Jul 15 2013: I know your going to say i'm a neanderthal. When parents started spending more "mamby pamby" time trying to be buddies with their kids, instead of giving them the stern discipline they require, that's when things went of track for education. "No" i'm not talking about beatings! " Children have not been taught respect, for others, teachers, principals, other races, other cultures, in many cases, which results in (no self respect). They have been deluged by a media trash house of commercial consumerist filth, and propaganda. Aside from the sick twisted messages from media, they are suffering information overload. Go back to the (3rs) to start with "(reedin, writin, and rytmatic)" If you don't master those, your nothing but a poor helpless ignorant waif, who will live a miserable life of humiliation, and servitude. Today with a resource like (Kahn academy) there is no excuse. If you're a child in the sticks, where there's no internet, earn, borrow, beg the money, and buy some flash card,s and a book or two for Pete's sake. It's not a Ferrari for cryin out loud. When your mind is young, building neuron pathways at an astounding rate, you can learn almost anything with self discipline and real effort. That girl you wanted to chase this afternoon, is not going to want you if you're an ignoramus. She's going down town, with the straight A student, who will own a Farrari while you're driving your scooter to the unemployment office. It's either learn, grow, and fight or die in poverty, and desperation. I don't make the rules I just nail them to the tree so everyone sees them. That's how you love your kids.
    • Jul 16 2013: You're an neanderthal. LOL

      No but on a serious note, I appreciate your answer.

      Undisciplined Kids have no respect for others and therefore no self respect.
      There should be no excuse to NOT be able to learn ANYTHING in today's society.

      So do you think it's the lack of discipline in the household or environment that's holding these kids back?
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        Jul 16 2013: "It's both." Children have been "raped"! Yes that's a strong word. I think it fits. I grew up in the early days of TV, and the garbage they dumped on us was horrendous. They coned us into Vietnam, and a lot of other despicable frauds. It was, direct assault propaganda, and subliminal filth. Today the science of media psychology, and power advertising is more insidious, and dangerous than ever. I deeply honor all the courageous young people that went to Iraq. They are amazing. Unfortunately they fell for the same old tired line that's used to start wars since the dawn of war. An entire industry of media propagandists pumped up innocent inexperienced, unknowing kids who we're manipulated, and lied to by a ruthless group of self serving politicians.There is far to much reliance on "technology teaching tools", and to little attention to exercising the most powerful muscle in your body,(the brain). I love video games, they are fun, and important to a degree. If I had my way I would not permit any kid to play video games until they completed the necessary hours of hands on instant feedback practice and progress that sites like (Kahn Academy) provide. It is an abomination of corruption, and graft that allows the wealthiest country on earth to be without 100% high speed internet access for every single child ! There is no excuse. The big phone companies were handed 40 billion dollars in direct subsidies and write offs to get it done. Many years later the money has been squandered, we have the worst internet, at the highest cost. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. I'm telling you, Ferrari's are fun to drive. No video games unless they're educational. "PLAY LATER !" This is about survival ! World of warcraft ? Please ! Give it a break. How about a boot in the rear end? Get to work!

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