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Can Carl Jung's concept of collective unconscious can be validated by Graham Hancock's talk ?

I am able to relate this to our unknown,almost untraceable past.

Carl Jung's theory :

Is it a serious possibility which we have lived our lives wrong, fundamentally and have lived as generations of inhibited species ?

  • Jul 16 2013: I'm not sure if i understood your question well, English is not my strongest spot also. (You'll see.)

    But i will try to share my thoughts:
    Turning away from reality is always about protection. According to Freud (ad vocem) every dream is about desires. Fulfillment of a desire opposing to the cruel truth. Kinda. Now this happens every time you encounter unconsciousness, he says.
    So your thoughts are based around desires. Which can be longing for death even. But also can be a desire for healing or for a "goddess of our life" or a wise old man guarding us.

    Freud also says that our unconscious mind does include inherited archetypes, that are similar in many cultures. These might be the symbols humanity made up during their way here.

    There is something called the reality principle, which every kid needs to adopt while growing up. Humanity also had to. When you are about to ignore the reality, it makes sense to go back in time to the roots, to the childhood or the untraceable past of humankind. This is the fulfillment of a desire already.

    It's like thinking back to the good old days, when you were free. This is where the symbols come from. And this is why the unconscious state of your mind can tell you what you really want. What is one of your suppressed desires, that you would satisfy if you would be free of the other many desires you have.

    So yes, you can get guidance from dreams and drugs and from not sleeping for 40 hours and then trying to think about serious stuff. But your thoughts will only show some of your desires and has nothing to do with humanity, coz the symbols are only reminiscences.

    Note, that i don't do drugs, but Freud did.
    • Jul 16 2013: I began to rule that possibility out when I began to question the reality of an afterlife and consciousness surviving.

      I used to feel very disconnected at times and I always had a rooted fear of hell.

      But to find peace,understanding that there is a path to take, which is the perfect role to play to bring harmony to our surroundings.(global consciousness shared peace ?)

      “Sailors on a becalmed sea, we sense the stirring of a breeze.”
      ― Carl Sagan
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    Jul 16 2013: Graham Hancock's talk does provide a measure of 'validation' for Carl Jung's theory of the collective unconscious - but proof is still quite far off. The phenomena identified by Jung as evidence of a shared human unconscious set of shared memories/ideas/concepts has been observed in all times by all observers who cared to look . . . but each individual instance one might cite as 'proof' has multiple competing explanations as to where/when/how & exactly WHAT really happened.

    So the notion that Jung put forward is important. The theory has legs. That idea/concept has wheels beneath it to keep the concept as one being taught (at least in passing) in basic college-level psychology courses. Jung was a major foundation thinker in the field of psychology. He was one of the 'originals' that created the science of psychology & shaped it into what it is today.

    And w/out Jung, the ideas of Freud would never have been as accepted or as widely acclaimed as they since have. Scholars may differ on that point. And of those scholars, I will defer to the best educated among them.
  • Jul 16 2013: My argument is this,

    If we move along with the assumption that our Consciousness is an instantaneous manifestation of the action potentials of our neural net,

    Then DMT being a neuro-transmitter(/modulator), brings about the clairvoyant state in our minds as highlighted by Mr. Hancock.

    If you would refer back to the human gene migration map by NGC, then you would note the pattern of haplogroups migrating across the planet.

    The only signs left behind are the massive structures and practices which were left behind by our ancestors.

    For example, muslim people are currently fasting dawn to dusk, and fact is that we are heading toward the solar maximum of this year. Their practices are tailored and perfected for the survival of their gene strain.

    My inference from this is that it's not just ayahusca, but for each variation in genetic makeup, each of our visionaries have felt distinct experiences and through their guidance,authority and systems,we have all had our place in the world for thousands of years.

    We all have originated from africa, so it is safe to assume that dmt has been the consciousness awakening catalyst.

    If my argument is allowed leeway so far, then does it bring to question our global shared state of unconsciousness where one/ multiple sentient beings exist to guide us or do humans have to find their own solidarity and as highlighted, with our commercialization, celebration of greed and the prevailing 'winner-takes-all' paradigm,have we strayed from the path too far to remedy what's been done wrong?

    ps. I've never used dmt,i'm pursuing this topic on an intellectual basis.
  • Jul 15 2013: Okay I like it Jung Joseph Cambell etc. But reading a translation of jung as I only really understand English is very interesting to me. To briefly summarizse someone like Jung or Freud would be impossible.
    Jung is often referred to as a gnostic. What the writers mean is hard to say for me.