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Eating 100% green

I hope you have watched all those awesome videos in TED about what's wrong about our food and about leafy green vegetables.
I have been eating one meal everyday comprising of raw food for a year now. It's not completely vegetables and fruits, I have tried eating raw fish too. I have developed eating raw eggs, in fact that goes really nice with milk.
I think Steve Jones, the famous geneticist from UK commented somewhere about humans not surviving more than 3 weeks on raw food alone. He made an off-hand remark that we, humans, have evolved with an external stomach - a frying pan.
I wish to test my idea of living on 100% raw food. By living I mean healthy, disease free and longer life. By raw food I mean food not cooked over stove. It can be marinated, mixed, garnished with other raw ingredients. No frying, steaming or sauteing. The idea is supplying little or no heat to the raw ingredients.
If done, this can help in reducing expenditure in energy, which I presume is considerable fraction of a household budget.
Do you think this is possible? Do you have any suggestion on reducing the risk of E-coli ingestion through raw food? Or better still, can you propose a sample daily menu for home comprising of 100% raw food?


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    Jul 16 2013: This is a tough challenge! I'm sure it can be done though with the right amount of reseach and available food.
    Food can still be processed and be considered raw (ground, pureed, minced, chopped, etc)

    Would you still consume fermented things such as vinegar? How abour raw honey?
    There are many cold soups you can make with raw ingredients.
    You can sprout raw chickpeas and then puree into hummus w raw garlic and minced vegetables.
    Like many have suggested below, be sure to wash very well and aim for all organic produce.
    Not being able to survive for more than 3 weeks on raw food is a crazy notion! It can be done and has been done.
    You just need the resources to ensure you are getting your proper nutrients.
    Do you own a juicer, Pabitra?

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