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Is traditional music of a country more important then international music that's accepted by everyone in the world?

The music we hear day-to-day now largely depends on the distribution channels: What's mostly played on TV/radio and the outcome of Grammy Awards etc. But do we need to give more emphasis on the traditional unique music of a country that's not on any billboard list to spread to wider audiences?

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    Jul 15 2013: i suppose there is some merit to preserving traditional song and music but in my opinion, there is no cultural hierarchy in music.

    it's all about opinion and tastes and some kinds of music appeal to a much larger audience than other kinds.

    personally, i find that a lot of trad music dull and unappealing compared with what many people call pop music.

    liking music because it comes from a particular country seems kind of artificial to me but since many people have been trained to think of music as separated into genres, it's not surprising. for many people, it's more about what they feel reflects their own identity than the quality of the music or song.
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    Jul 15 2013: Bullshit question.

    You haven't really thought about it before posting the question right?

    Musical choices depends from person to person. And you can't change someones musical tastes just because you want to or because a certain cultures music is going dead.

    If a certain form of music is going dead, it means it has lost is color and is no more fit for the current society. No matter what you do, that form of music will intimately fade away into history as a 'lost art'.

    Next time, think and then post your questions.
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      Jul 15 2013: Simon, I like the thoughts in your answer, but I don't think you should be so harsh. Anyway, let's say she didn't think about it, what's wrong with that, sometimes we ask a question because our mind is too tired to think of the answer ourselves.
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        Jul 15 2013: Guess I owe an apology. I'm sorry.

        I was a little cranky,had a rough time earlier today.

        Anyway, yeah. My bad.
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          Jul 16 2013: Oh, cool, I did that to someone on TED conversations for the same reason, and I also had to apologize.

          Actually, Simon, in this woman's case, she's from China, and I think Chinese really value devotion to country, to where they might feel it's their duty to listen to their country's traditional music even though they prefer the international pop. So for her it could be a real question. Actually, it could be a real question for all of us, if you think that by listening to our country's traditional music we could learn more about our country's history and values. On the other hand, listening to international pop can be a learning experience as well.

          In fact, possibly it goes to a larger question, which is, should we do what we enjoy, or what we think is good for us. For example, if we enjoy a diet of cake and cookies, but we know meat and vegetables are better for us, should we eat the diet we enjoy more or the one we think is healthier?
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      Jul 17 2013: tsk tsk....Simon, why don't you Edit your comment above and remove the mean words.
      Your grandma would be proud of you for doing it. :)
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    Jul 15 2013: There is no comparison between traditional and international music , you need them both.

    You need your music to be happy and contented

    You need all the music to enrich yourself and grow as an individual
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    Jul 17 2013: Hi Wei,

    I don't think one type of music is better than another.
    There is another young member on here hosting a conversation on classical music, and the lack of popularity of it.

    I think music....all of very beautiful.
    Each country has it's style......and then there's all the pop.

    Here, enjoy some nice traditional music from different countries. (Spain) (Cuba)
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    Jul 15 2013: How the "importance" of any particular music is measured ?
    I just listen music which I like.....with out looking for "importance" or "origin" of music.
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    Jul 15 2013: Just listen to whatever you really like. Why should anyone tell you what music YOU listen to when only YOU know what YOU like? That's just ludicrous.