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Preventing those that would be bad parents from becoming parents

Take a survey of our thousand most successful people about the parenting they received as children; then compare those experiences with the parenting received from our thousand worst criminals. The successful people will tell stories mostly of decent to great parenting, while the criminals will be telling stories about abandonment, abuse and neglect. Also, all those stories we read about people that were about to overcome the obstacles of poverty to go on to do great thing, they all had some good parenting in their past. Society’s worst problem is bad parenting.


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    Jul 18 2013: Yes, but if you are born to abusive parents what kind of life is that? Sure there are people that are born to abusive parents that come out all right, but they are one in a thousand, and we should be trying to prevent the pain of the other 999. I have a brother that is sitting in a jail cell in Folsom Sate Penitentiary who has fathered six children by five different women. One child ran away from his alcoholic mother and was killed in Oakland; another was arrested for prostitution in Los Angeles; and the last that he fathered between his second and third strike was born to a meth freak and was born severely retarded; none of the other three even finished high school. Would you want to trade places with any of those six? Also, my brother had plenty of chances to get educated, and proof of this is one of my brothers is a Stanford grad and I did my time at Berkeley. There are people who are too irresponsible to be entrusted with the greatest responsibility one can have in their life, which is being a parent.
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      Jul 18 2013: I actually kinda like this idea. Not really the way it is presented, but it is definitely something to consider as our world population swells to even higher, unsustainable sizes.
      Just saying. Didn't say I agree, but the idea itself I find highly thought provoking.

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