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Preventing those that would be bad parents from becoming parents

Take a survey of our thousand most successful people about the parenting they received as children; then compare those experiences with the parenting received from our thousand worst criminals. The successful people will tell stories mostly of decent to great parenting, while the criminals will be telling stories about abandonment, abuse and neglect. Also, all those stories we read about people that were about to overcome the obstacles of poverty to go on to do great thing, they all had some good parenting in their past. Society’s worst problem is bad parenting.


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    Jul 18 2013: You asked, "What have you personally done to help heal the poor child whose mother made him sodomize a dog?" I don't know him, but if I did I would do for him what I could. But what I am doing is working to ensure that other boys like him will not have to go through the anguish he must be living with each day of his life.
    English is not your native language, correct?
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      Jul 18 2013: I guarantee, there is someone you know who has suffered abuse .. maybe more, maybe less than the dog thing. But no less damaging.
      Start there. It's worthwhile.
      It might even be yourself.
      You can't be a spectator any more.
      This is what you have asked.

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