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Preventing those that would be bad parents from becoming parents

Take a survey of our thousand most successful people about the parenting they received as children; then compare those experiences with the parenting received from our thousand worst criminals. The successful people will tell stories mostly of decent to great parenting, while the criminals will be telling stories about abandonment, abuse and neglect. Also, all those stories we read about people that were about to overcome the obstacles of poverty to go on to do great thing, they all had some good parenting in their past. Society’s worst problem is bad parenting.


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    Jul 15 2013: To remove poverty we do not remove the poor.

    Nobody can take away the right of any body from becoming parents.
    Society needs to recognise and help such individuals.
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      Jul 15 2013: wow. big brothers are watching me!

      Lots of bad parenting came from things like drug or alchohol abuse, etc. and other problems larger than the person bent under them
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      Jul 17 2013: Abesh, why should someone be able to retain their reproductive rights after sday they have been convicted for felony child abuse?
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        Jul 17 2013: Such a person should definitely be punished and kept away from the society for the duration the judge decides.
        This is a specfic case (child abuse) , what about other crimes?

        Do you believe in concept of rehablitation ? Do have faith that people can change?

        In some specific cases like child abuse, laws first need to be enacted.
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          Jul 17 2013: I think having children is only part of one's life, but being born is all of one's life. We should be more concerned for the plight of a child being born to somone who is likely to be bad parent than whether someone can have a child. A whole life outweights just part of a life.

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