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Human Rights Education

Article 26.2 of the UDHR states the role of educators in achieving the social order called for by the declaration:
“Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. ”

What do you think isn't time to implement education even for Human Right in our Schools?

  • Jul 30 2013: I taught this last year under the guise of a photography class. The students made movies and entered a contest held by the RFK center. One group chose a human rights activist from Russia who helps women in abusive relationships. They chose this topic. The movies have to be 6 minutes or less. Here is the movie my students made (honorable mention). It was called "ANNA" and you can see it here.
  • Jul 17 2013: They try to teach it under civics in many countries (I at least know they do in mine). The problem is that like most things taught in school, it doesn't have much of a lasting impression on the students.

    The problem where I live is less "should we teach it", and more "how do we teach it and make it stick?"
  • Jul 15 2013: Human Needs need to become Human Rights, globally.
    Such as food, shelter, clothing, medical, education, transportation, water, air and leisure.

    This is what we all work for. This is what we try and provide to ourselves. This is what we
    provide to and for each other and almost all of it can be automated, freeing humans to enjoy leisure,
    family, raising kids, teaching, learning, playing and so on.
    Corporations don't actually do anything. People do. People are the corporations and they could keep them going, only doing what they do to help, not to make profits.
    Now, the NSA is demanding or forcing their employees to spy on one another and turn in any suspected whistle blowers. They are demanding they turn in those who want to blow the whistle on illegal activity by their bosses. Hmmmm. Does anyone see that as wrong? Are any of those employees capable any longer of knowing the truth or being able to spot it, or live by it?

    But instead, corporations automate for higher profits, putting people out of work and struggling to survive and
    those in power, make it harder, with less options available just to live.
    This means more people will have to break the law just to survive and this will land them in the private prison industry, which, because they are all becoming privately owned businesses, need customers, meaning criminals, and more every year in order to turn a profit and have those profits grow yearly. Especially with competition, more passing of laws, making it harder to live, necessary to break laws to survive and the chances continue to increase that you or your children will wind up in prison. It's business as usual for them but not for you.
    While this being done, your rights are disappearing just like other endangered species.
    Freedom, in case you haven't been paying attention is becoming very rare.
    • Jul 16 2013: I agree with your sentiments regarding the corrosive atmosphere of corporations and your implication that such an overly extreme capitalist climate is bad for humanity as a whole, including many of the people who directly run those corporations, but why do you endorse the idea of human rights? The idea that somebody is entitled to something because they are human is a philosophical assumption, and assuming you live in a developed country, why would you endorse such an assumption when it is used to justify third world countries having parasitic relations with developed countries who give them foreign aid. I for one would never want my tax dollars going to sustain the existence of someone who doesn't live in my country and who's existence doesn't affect me in any positive way.
      • Jul 20 2013: Rajiv
        When human needs become human rights, then we grant them to all people, for free.
        They are what we all, virtually all, of humanity "slaves" for.
        It is such a cop out and a failed old phrase, that humans don't or shouldn't have any rights from birth, and that birth does not grant you any rights, except death, perhaps.
        If you cannot see nor accept that humans should absolutely be given rights and are entitled to them by and because of birth, then you will get to live in that world and you will suffer.

        Unless you are or become part of the power elite or the financial elite, you will suffer and live horribly.

        Do you have a right to air when you are born? No? Must your parents provide you with air?
        Air is there for every life form on the planet (just as all resources are), but you can bet your life one day, and maybe that day is soon coming, that even air will be owned and controlled. If you are younger than I, then you might experience this in your lifetime and if you can't afford it, good F'ing luck.
        For your soon to be here world, that you will live in, you must get rid of the monetary system or you will never get rid of the evils in the world, unless of course, you don't really want to get rid of those evils because in someway you benefit from the suffering of others.

        Post a job application. See how many respond. Only one or two can get the one or two positions, positions to make money or a living, which is only bare survival today.

        Since so many apply, it is evident and clearly so, that by freely educating the masses, training them and so on, all of us could share a work burden that needs to be done no matter what, but with many less hours individually as we automate more and more jobs that provide food and our other needs for free and every one can work and contribute.
        It is better than what we have now, where it is going and what it will result in.
        Someone is going to eat you.
        • Jul 22 2013: Well, you do need money to convince people to do work, that's just economic incentive. Otherwise, I mostly agree with you. But answer me this, why must we extend this to all humans? I believe that we should have shelter, clothing, medical, education, transportation, water, air and leisure as citizen entitlements, but why must we (I assume you live in the U.S. or some other developed country) extend these rights globally? I understand that in order for America (or another developed nation) to prosper, we must give these rights to our fellow citizens (which is why I said I mostly agree with you), but I fail to understand how helping starving Africans is going to help me. If anything, developed nations like America helping the third world hurts me because my tax dollars are going to waste (from my perspective). And given how much more technologically advanced we are compared to them, we can afford to let such third world countries starve while keeping them from hurting us (we've been doing it for years).
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    Jul 15 2013: Alban Nako Hi, A Humble request to modify your topic

    Please educate responsibility to humans

    Human rights and responsibility Education
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    Jul 15 2013: This is what I think Human Right should be.

    1) Everyone has the right to be Heard.

    This is what I think must become Law for All Humans.

    1) Everyone is required to learn Storytelling, or learn to pitch an idea.
    2) Everyone is required to have Self-Respect.

    There, I just solved World Peace.
  • Jul 14 2013: We are all on the way to achieve Human Right in education.When we don't want any declaration to develope human personality and to strengthen of respect for human rights anymore,we our Human Rights can be released completely.