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How do we expose our educators to new ways of learning?

I really want to be involved in doing something productive for my community.


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    Jul 17 2013: Stop allowing radical, libertarian, right wing extremists to take over political power. Stop blaming teachers for poor school performance. Stop falling for the propaganda, that says only private schools can do the job. Stop undervaluing teachers. Come into the light of reality. Stop thinking that highly trained dedicated professionals like teachers, should be paid less than their industry counterparts. Stop valuing (I phones), (grown up toys), and (Sports Stars) more than your children. Proper (home guidance), (proper discipline), and (teachers) are the only thing between a life of success, and a life of humiliation, and poverty for your children. The teachers are hard working, and passionate, but they are buried under a mountain of administrative, and disciplinary garbage. If they we're paid a decent wage, and provided compensation, and stipends for summer credit learning, the innovations would come streaming in. All professionals need constant skills improvements. Industry provides all this for it's workers for free, because it helps their bottom line. The teachers in the public schools are even more in need of constant, experience, training, and (TRAVEL)! Travel, in my opinion, should be heavily subsidized, for teachers. Subsidized travel may sound like a ridiculous proposition, living high off the hog, but only to those who have never done any. Travel is perhaps the single greatest instructional tool, and method of disseminating ideas that exists. Seeing other successful methods, and models actually working in situ, is enormously powerful. That's when brainstorming, personal hands on training, and networking breeds innovation. It's not ridiculous at all, it's common sense, and "no" the internet is not sufficient.
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      Jul 17 2013: i have never disagreed with anyone more. we are being taught by the liberal counterculture generation. that system has not been working that's why there is a demand for change and the only opposition to the liberals is libertarian/conservatives.
      you have been misinformed. the current system in place is the radical one. you only call the new system radical because it has to be radical to change a system that has been in place for many years.
      you are clinging to the past, and are shunning new technology
      you must still want us to learn with this:
      when we should be learning with this:
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        Jul 18 2013: That's your opinion, however skewed. Industrialists created a system in 20th century, by pulling purse strings. Pump out diploma mill students, people with just enough education to work low skilled jobs in their factories all by design.Today,we see the culmination of 30 years of rightwing scams like (no child left behind) Republicans attack teachers unions trying to have a decent wage for the most important job of all.There's Ridiculous (teach to the test, to keep your job scams), pumped up, again by the right wing. Waste of teachers,time, and a waste of money.There's a plague of fundamentalist lunacy that denies science,opting for religious indoctrination. Doesn't do much for a kids resume. Are you saying teachers don't work hard ??? If so, you have no idea what your talking about. My sister just retired after teaching 4th -5th grade. She made little more than $55,000 dollars a Masters in education in Missouri, a cruel joke. Students come to her class, A 4th grade class mind you, where she's expected to teach mathematics, only to find that the child cannot read. What is a teacher with 39 other students supposed to do with that kid.? How is he going to learn math, when he can't read at the age of 10? That's obscene, and mostly the fault of parents who probably can't read ,or write either, but thought they would have kids anyway.Your visceral reaction to my statement, and insulting remarks demonstrate lack of understanding of the situation,history,and my statement. I am for (radical change), and (innovation), not 30 more years of right wing scams,patronage, wasting money, ripping of kids, and taxpayers.Your the one that's clinging to the past, not me. How much have you traveled??? Have you been anywhere to see other models? Kahn academy is wonderful, but it's face to face teachers that make the difference. Counter culture success you might want to think about, before eating your foot next time. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman. You're grossly misinformed my friend

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