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How do we expose our educators to new ways of learning?

I really want to be involved in doing something productive for my community.


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    Jul 16 2013: How do we expose our educators to new ways of learning?

    There is only one way, luckily it is simple and only takes two words.


    Personally as a "recover victim of public education", I’d prefer “You’re arrested! For crimes against humanity”.
    • Jul 17 2013: Don, my question to you is thus, How would this solve the problem? And what is your solution to the issue?

      Yes, some teachers need to be encouraged to seek employment in another field. However, firing all teachers would be counter-productive and quite possibly more heinous than what you propose to replace.
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        Jul 17 2013: Simple; a blend of local, national and international interactive online classes, with a none-monopolized school system. (Blend of public, private/independent, and home school, AKA a voucher system) `

        I find it interesting how private schools are done around the world, the Netherlands and Sweden seem to have good systems.

        P.S. I did not say all, just the ones that need new ways. So I’ll guess about 99.98%
        • Jul 17 2013: This looks like a good idea. We should have an idea sharing platform to post problems and find solutions.
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      Jul 17 2013: Teachers are under constant pressure. They're under pressure from students, students' parents, their bosses and sometimes colleagues. They are one of the few professions which are subject to constant inspections and reforms. Boards of so-called experts (none from the teaching profession) change on an almost annual basis objectives, evaluation processes, and the structure of the teaching system, mostly to save money, using whatever reasoning they can...and teachers just have to put up with it...and they have to put up with it because they are paid a pitiful wage, despite receiving the same education as engineers and architects and doctors, and they are told, quite simply as you say, that if they don't meet the new objectives then they are fired, or have their wages lowered. What other profession has to put up with that? Why is it that teachers more than any other profession seek professional psychological help? Why?

      Give teachers time, space, respect and a decent wage and see what they can do.
      • Jul 17 2013: why most of places teachers' wage is low among average's?when we can be aware of how important teaching jobs in our society?miracle from educatoin is inestimable.Teaching jobs required high innerworld quality.people just aren't capable of evaluating it's .for that we humanbeing is blind.

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