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Share your favorite Ted Talk here that is under 1 million views so the rest of us can experience it.

she your favorite non viral Ted Talk

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    Jul 16 2013: Well, this one doesn't have a million but it's no slouch at half a million:
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      Jul 16 2013: thank you for the video its quite eye opening.
      btw don't feel bad about the video under a million views, they are suppose to have under 1 million
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        Jul 17 2013: Curious, T, what do you mean "they are suppose to have under 1 million"?

        No, I don't feel bad that it's under a million, I don't really have any stake in the matter. Half a million is pretty excellent, I would say.

        Come to think of it, why did you think I might feel bad that it's under a million?
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          Jul 17 2013: you said "well, this one doesn't have a million but its no slouch at half a million"
          it just sounded like you thought it was suppose to have a million.
          sorry just a misunderstanding but thanks for the great video
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        Jul 18 2013: T, what do you mean they are supposed to have under a million? I would think they'd like as many views as possible.
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    Jul 14 2013: Here's one for you Trenton.

    It is a wonderful presentation.

    A lot of the 2005 TED talks were awesome.

    Here's another favorite:

    And this one:

    And finally this one:
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      Jul 14 2013: Mary, thank you soo much for your emotional and intelligent videos. my favorite would probably be the Kary Mullis talk because he acts more like a human being and a kid than most ted speakers. but i also love the dog song. not so much the lyrics but the tone of her voice is darn near perfect to me
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        Jul 14 2013: You are so welcome Trenton!!

        So glad you enjoyed Mullis' talk.......he is just so laid back and relaxed speaking, like he's in your living room chewing the fat. It makes you want to listen even more.

        And, yes, Nellie's voice is the real beauty of her presentation. She is one of a original.....her voice is very very unique.....She sings politically charged songs as well.....take a listen to this one on feminism.......

        Trenton, watching TED talks is so addictive isn't it?
        It's wonderful to expand our minds, and enjoy all the ideas and talents we humans have.

        Like Oliver Wendell Holmes said:

        "The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of new ideas, never returns to it's original size!"

        See you around TED, hope you get more participation in your conversation!
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    Jul 17 2013: Here are some speakers whose talks I found highly worthwhile that have not reached 1 million views:

    Shekhar Kapur (if you are interested in film or storytelling)
    Esther Duflo (if you are interested in constructive approaches to reducing poverty)
    Yochai Benkler (if you are interesting in collaborations to solve problems)
    Beatrice Coron (if you are interested in unusual arts)
    Larry Lessig's We the People (if you are interested in public policy and democracy)