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Do you bother?

The Earth Overshoot Day in 2012 fell on August 12. This year, it is apprehended that the overshoot day will come even earlier.
Also known as ecological debt day, it is expressed as:
(World's Biocapacity/World Ecological Footprint)x365
Simply put it is the day in the year when we will consume what earth can grow in one year. From that day on we are on a deficit budget.
In 1989, the overshoot day fell on December 19.

As we go about in our daily business, we are close to the day our entire existence on earth will be on a deficit.

Does this piece of news bother you?


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    Jul 13 2013: Say What?

    If we have reached this day how come we are not deed?

    The planet evolves (man is part of evolution), the amount of food that can be grown changes.

    People like Norman Borlaug hugely increased the yield of the worlds farms.

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        Jul 13 2013: Well fortunately I have spent many years preparing my lungs for the air of the future, consequently I can survive on much less oxygen that you non smokers, you might say a flatland Sherpa.
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          Jul 13 2013: More than half the world population breathes air that falls below standards WHO thinks breathable. Now ask me the source. :)
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        Jul 13 2013: I'll bite who is the source?
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      Jul 13 2013: I take it that you don't bother Pat. But its rather strange to dispose of an idea as nonsense without telling why. Are you scared by the idea?
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        Jul 13 2013: Yup if I bow down before the Malthusian Meme I'm already toast, not to mention the nonsensical idea that there is such a benchmark in the first place.
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          Jul 13 2013: It's ok. It's not necessary that we all will be having same and equal sense either.
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