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Do you bother?

The Earth Overshoot Day in 2012 fell on August 12. This year, it is apprehended that the overshoot day will come even earlier.
Also known as ecological debt day, it is expressed as:
(World's Biocapacity/World Ecological Footprint)x365
Simply put it is the day in the year when we will consume what earth can grow in one year. From that day on we are on a deficit budget.
In 1989, the overshoot day fell on December 19.

As we go about in our daily business, we are close to the day our entire existence on earth will be on a deficit.

Does this piece of news bother you?


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    Jul 13 2013: I'd very much like to know how 'World's Biocapacity" and "World Ecological Footprint" are calculated, by whom, and what political axe they have to grind.

    This is just more anthropic ecological damage alarmist foolishness. 'Earth Overshoot Day' really?!
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      Jul 13 2013: Your last sentence gives away your possible lack of sincerity apparently expressed in your first sentence. Are you interested to know or predisposed towards a particular notion?

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