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Do you bother?

The Earth Overshoot Day in 2012 fell on August 12. This year, it is apprehended that the overshoot day will come even earlier.
Also known as ecological debt day, it is expressed as:
(World's Biocapacity/World Ecological Footprint)x365
Simply put it is the day in the year when we will consume what earth can grow in one year. From that day on we are on a deficit budget.
In 1989, the overshoot day fell on December 19.

As we go about in our daily business, we are close to the day our entire existence on earth will be on a deficit.

Does this piece of news bother you?


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    Jul 13 2013: Hi Pabitra:>)
    I haven't heard the term "the earth overshoot day", nor have I heard the term "ecological debt day". I understand the concept however.

    I can't say that it "bothers" me.
    Bother: "to cause to be nervous; to annoy; to cause to be anxious".

    I don't think/feel nervousness or anxiety solves too many challenges, so I prefer to be aware, mindful, and do what I can to help support the condition of our earth which sustains us.
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      Jul 13 2013: Dear Colleen :)
      I think bother also means : to concern oneself in intransitive form.
      You might not have heard the term, but what I know about you, I think you feel concerned about the sustainability issue. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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        Jul 13 2013: You are right Pabitra....concern is also part of the definition:>)

        You are also correct in that I have concern for our sustainability issue. My mom taught me 60+ years ago to be concerned about our environment, even though at that time, there didn't seem to be any big concern about it.

        She lived life with integrity, being respectful of our earth and all the connections which intertwine with people and our environment. The awareness to protect and care for our environment has been part of the foundation of my life experience. I am also aware that I can only do what I can do in the space I occupy and visit on this earth school journey. I am aware that I have positively impacted more than a few people:>) BTW...are you still growing lettuce?
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          Jul 13 2013: :) Yes. I am growing tomato too, but somehow they are not turning as red as I would like. Something to do with the quality of my compost, I guess.
          Your mother and M.K.Gandhi may be of same age, I guess. He had the same attitude towrads environment.
          People who live close to nature, depend on it and interact with it meaningfully are more aware about the sustainability issue than scientists. In India Garhwali women prevented felling of huge trees by hugging the trees - that started an environmental movement named Chipko (meaning 'hug'). They did it because they were more immediately concerned than the average academic environmentalist.
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          Jul 14 2013: Thanks TF ! You have a point there. It can very possibly be the reason. We have a saying here which translated in English will be : a rookie gardener drowns the garden. LOL!!
          I'll be careful and let you know the results.
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        Jul 13 2013: Pabitra,
        Re: Tomatoes:
        It could be the soil, could be sun exposure, could be amount of water, and it could be the particular kind of seed or seedlings. You know that there are lots of different colors and shades of tomatoes.....right?

        I realize my mom was in good company with her respect for people and the earth which sustains us. I heard about that movement.....they were good "tree huggers":>)

        We can try to explain all kinds of things academically, or logically. The important thing, is believing in something to the point where we incorporate that belief into every moment of the life experience. That's why, when people express concern for our environment today, I think.......well yeah! It is a part of me on a very deep level:>)

        BTW, I LOVE that you have added more edible plants:>)
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          Jul 14 2013: Colleen we have this strange strife within the family. Sumana is an artist and she sees beauty in flowers. I, on the other hand, am an artisan who is ever looking for things to eat. Hahaha.
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        Jul 14 2013: My Dear Pabitra.....not to worry....no strife...you can have it all!

        Are you and Sumana aware that there are MANY edible flowers? I eat flowers all the time because they are very nutritional. They look as GREAT in salads as they do in the garden. So, have some fun with your garden. Many of the edible flowers grow wild here, and of course, I let them grow in the garden so I can have them for lunch:>)

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        Jul 14 2013: Pumpkin and squash flowers are DELIGHTFUL! The only problem with that is once we pluck the flowers, we don't get as many fruits! The commercial growers who supply pumpkin/squash flowers for the market plant hundreds/thousands of plants just to get the flowers.
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          Jul 14 2013: Well I do eat pumpkin flowers only occasionally. I have already submitted a thread named 'Eating 100% green', and I hope you will share your experience there. :) Flower, leaf, trunk, roots everything! :)
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        Jul 14 2013: Great idea Pabitra!

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