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Your favourite(s) TEDglobal 2013 talk?

As many of you may have attended or watched TED global 2013 online. Which talk you're looking forward to watch again as TED video? Which video is your favourite one so far? which one you're looking forward to translate?


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    Jul 16 2013: MY top three are: 1) Leslie Hazleton; 2) Eric X. Li; 3) Daniel Suarez. I actually think I found more enjoyment/entertainment value in other talks like: Raffaello D'Andrea. Those quad-copters are really cool! But I will briefly break down why I chose these three from last to first.

    3) Daniel Suarez: The kill decision shouldn't belong to a robot - Because of the way advanced projects are funded in the U.S.A., the most intelligent AI-robots will probably FIRST be developed by the Department of Defense for the battlefield. I do not think any other scenario is likely. Maybe the Japanese will perfect an autonomous 'nurse's aid' android first - but the first robots that might allegedly be able to THINK will fall under the purview of the Military. So this talk is ominously relevant in terms of understanding the shape of a very disturbing debate to come. Robot armies; robot mechanized warfare; robot scout drones; robot urban infantry; even robot police for curfew enforcement and suppression dissent/rebellion. Robots will play a troubling role in that in the future.

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