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Use of a Solar panel in hybrid cars

Can any hybrid car, include a solar strip over the body where ever possible, and changing the body paint/ design to match the color/design of the panels.
Doing so, the electric usage may be increased when compared to not using solar power.
There by increasing the mileage from 50 mpg to something higher.
This also be more greener than a normal hybrid will be.
Feasibility : Yes
Issues : any?,
if in garage ( no problem) - has oil
while running under a tunnel - still uses oil or stored electricity.
Cost: Little higher when compared to new cars on market, may become marginal when produced in mass.
Sustailability: Yes.
Green: Yes, reduces CO2 emission


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  • Jul 13 2013: Thanks for the link ted friend. I was exactly thinking this perspective.
    As in that link the fuel economy was increased by atleast 40%.
    I couldn't get cost benefit analysis but if vehicle manufacturer could produce some limited editions it might be just few hundreds additional but can market saying 65mpg!. Hope it is significant!

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