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What metaphors for sex are used in your country?

In his talk, sexuality educator Al Vernacchio laments the flawed metaphor that many Americans use to talk about sex: baseball. Instead of this regulated and competitive framework, he suggest that we think about sex like pizza -- a communicative and collaborative experience.

The baseball metaphor is indeed very common in the US. So I wondered, what metaphors for sex are commonly used in other countries or in other languages? Are there Americans, too, who grew up with a different metaphor? And what else besides pizza would be a helpful new one?

Share some funny or interesting euphemisms for sex from your own culture!

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  • Jul 18 2013: "Doing it" is seemingly the most popular here (without swearing of course), which kind of makes me think that the whole world must revolve around sex, because "it" is a very general term and can apply to many different things; everything is an it. There are some swear words too "F***ing" is a popular one, making me think that sex is bad as it's an expression of bad, which is interesting because of the double meaning for a swear word.

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