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What metaphors for sex are used in your country?

In his talk, sexuality educator Al Vernacchio laments the flawed metaphor that many Americans use to talk about sex: baseball. Instead of this regulated and competitive framework, he suggest that we think about sex like pizza -- a communicative and collaborative experience.

The baseball metaphor is indeed very common in the US. So I wondered, what metaphors for sex are commonly used in other countries or in other languages? Are there Americans, too, who grew up with a different metaphor? And what else besides pizza would be a helpful new one?

Share some funny or interesting euphemisms for sex from your own culture!

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      Jul 18 2013: Well Deepak.....when you state....'but in India it is a taboo and nothing much is discussed.' I guess you aren't referring to the era of the Kama Sutra. :):);)

      But then historically, open discussion about sex in societies goes in cycles..............just look at Victorian England or early Rome and by and large the biggest no no on open sex discussions are Middle Eastern religious based.

      But what has got me curious is this statement of yours.....

      'Anyway we are at the end of our journey and everyone will soon understand in the time to come.'

      Like to elaborate/enlighten us thereto??

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