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Should Microsoft and Google stand up and oppose the NSA publicly? Will doing nothing work?

The big Media Story today is about a Whistle-Blower who is hiding and
may soon to be captured and returned to the US for Arrest and Trial.

The exposure of NSA spying tactics of forcing Microsoft and Google,
as well as a number of other Internet Providers, both here and abroad, to provide User Records has put this nation's Internet Users on guard.

The NSA's current program PRISM has now been shown to have been
used to invade and capture information from friendly foreign nations.

We are Americans. We claim to be Free. However, in the
last 20 years things have been changing. Can we afford to stay
out of the mess?
What I wrote, although it sounds like an hyperbole, is anything but.

I refer to CNN's presentation on July 17th's video of the US Congress
having a hearing with the Deputy Director's of the Department's of Justice, DOJ, the DIA, the National Security Agency, NSA. and one other.

In the 3 .8 hour Congressional Committee's hearing, members asked pointed
questions and received evasive answers, with promises made that a secret
session would be more appropriate to answer their queries.

The queries by the Congressmen and Congresswomen were to the point
of why the NSA and other such agencies were conducting surveillances'
of US citizens, with partner corporations, collecting said US citizen's information from the telephone (cell phone) calls, email messages, and otherwise, that had been placed and received, and specifically without the knowledge and/or permission of said US citizens, in violation of two of the amendments to the US Constitution, plainly illegal acts.

Hyperbole, not hardly.

I found on my operating system, evidence of the NSA's Prism program.
Regardless of your opinion, please take a few minutes and
respond. ..Your input is necessary. ..Stand up, be fearless.


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    Jul 19 2013: Thanks. I am not perfect and we all get testy under pressure these days, and really I try to espouse nonviolence partly because I honestly know in my feral heart it would be more satisfying to smack someone when you see this kind of abuse going on. It's easier to go for easy answers, or be less controversial. But I am trying to speak what I have learned. Just asking people to ponder. :)
    • Jul 19 2013: Shava Nerad 10+

      I happened to fall into a Harvard Law Website when focused on the NSA.
      I was paying no attention, and DHS's Janet Napolitano's name popped up.
      Seems the DHS has Fusion Centers.

      ..What do you know about their activities lately?
      Are we ignoring them? Are they a domestic NSA type threat to our 1st and
      4th Amendment Rights? Have they've been around for several years, and
      do they really have partnerships with major military industry employees?
      Do they collect similar information like the NSA does?

      Is Barack Obama really Lex Luther with Kryptonite, stealing our freedoms?
      Where is Superman when you need him?

      I haven't fleshed things out. I feel I've stubbed my toe on this one.
      Dang it. If America is today just a cesspool of big brother,
      I'm going to bed. It is after midnight. lol
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        Jul 19 2013: Basic fact: 9/11/2001 we had a national crisis. Three weeks later, 132 pages of exquisitely crafted pre-prepared legal text appeared, labeled the USA PATRIOT Act, or "Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001."

        This cynically named beast was shoved up our butts such that no congresscritter could have gotten away with voting against it without looking like they were voting for the terrorists, while Ground Zero was still smoking.

        ALL this stuff -- the DHS, the fusion centers, the extended authority of the NSA, comes out of the abridgement of civil liberties from that law and a few more enable by it since.

        The only way to get rid of the USA PATRIOT Act is through citizen engagement. Congressisn't going to get rid of it themselves without peasant mobs at the city gates (ideally well ordered and nonviolent). This is why I am starting Blue Rose as a nonviolent movement -- because if someone doesn't bring this in as a nonviolent solution, herding cats, likely it will foment in violence, and DC will react by consolidatin more authority through force and guile to control violence (violence including capacity or property).

        This is another sort of war to work to avert.
        • Jul 19 2013: Shava Nerad 10+
          Thumbs Up - Wow!! you've become a Tiger overnight.
          Do your Blue Rose thingy. I hope it works.
          Give me a link, or perhaps I can find it.

          I will be away after 8/4/2013 when Microsoft cuts off
          my protections against viruses. Gotta go back and
          wipe Windows 7 and reload my trusty XP. Microsoft is
          going to stop supporting XP next year. But I feel they
          will start-stopping sooner, a piece at a time.

          I wonder why Bill Gates (today a hero) didn't stop this
          kind of activity. He was brilliant, made Billions, and sold out.
          History might paint him tarnished unless he changes things.
          I could be wrong about the History thing.

          The CIA has
          given us an ex-employee, an author, who has written the
          modern history book from 1760 to present day. I suspect
          it will find a home in our School systems. History is always
          written by the conquerors, never by those conquered.

          I feel so conquered today...

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