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Should Microsoft and Google stand up and oppose the NSA publicly? Will doing nothing work?

The big Media Story today is about a Whistle-Blower who is hiding and
may soon to be captured and returned to the US for Arrest and Trial.

The exposure of NSA spying tactics of forcing Microsoft and Google,
as well as a number of other Internet Providers, both here and abroad, to provide User Records has put this nation's Internet Users on guard.

The NSA's current program PRISM has now been shown to have been
used to invade and capture information from friendly foreign nations.

We are Americans. We claim to be Free. However, in the
last 20 years things have been changing. Can we afford to stay
out of the mess?
What I wrote, although it sounds like an hyperbole, is anything but.

I refer to CNN's presentation on July 17th's video of the US Congress
having a hearing with the Deputy Director's of the Department's of Justice, DOJ, the DIA, the National Security Agency, NSA. and one other.

In the 3 .8 hour Congressional Committee's hearing, members asked pointed
questions and received evasive answers, with promises made that a secret
session would be more appropriate to answer their queries.

The queries by the Congressmen and Congresswomen were to the point
of why the NSA and other such agencies were conducting surveillances'
of US citizens, with partner corporations, collecting said US citizen's information from the telephone (cell phone) calls, email messages, and otherwise, that had been placed and received, and specifically without the knowledge and/or permission of said US citizens, in violation of two of the amendments to the US Constitution, plainly illegal acts.

Hyperbole, not hardly.

I found on my operating system, evidence of the NSA's Prism program.
Regardless of your opinion, please take a few minutes and
respond. ..Your input is necessary. ..Stand up, be fearless.


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  • Jul 16 2013: We are Americans. We claim to be Free. -Correction, We are humanity, and we are free.

    Microsoft and Google should simply say NO. We should encourage them to say NO.
    And good for the French president, he is making a stand effectively saying NO.

    Look back to the R.A.F (red arm faction), Basque separatists, Black September, IRA, and if you want to see more current, look here and it' a just sample http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_designated_terrorist_organizations

    As long as we marginalize, ignore or oppress people, it wont matter what technology is in place, as then, like now, people will and do fight for their freedom.

    Drone attacks only create yet another generation of peoples, who see first hand the loss of innocent lives, and such measures to drive them into the arms of people who'll use and convert them to attack. Is that what we really want?

    Ironically, with all this spying on people, from passports, full body scanners, to microsoft, google et al, all that's happened is that we've in our fear, have allowed those that want to manipulate that fear - to oppress us.

    All of those companies are like the French collaborators with the Nazi's in world war two, it would not surprise me if that's why the French President acted accordingly.

    The UK has erased laws dating back from the Magna Carta, so not only is it the Americans who have lost with the Patriot act. All democracies have lost.

    But I don't think terrorists have won - they are still in the same position as before, in fact probably worse, due to the fact that wars being waged that are now over a "decade" long, and still have no end in sight.

    It seems to me that fear and the fear mongers have won this battle, but they have not, and will not win the war...

    GANDHI "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.
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      Jul 18 2013: "It seems to me that fear and the fear mongers have won this battle, but they have not, and will not win the war..."

      Insha'Allah, truth shall prevail :)
      • Jul 18 2013: God willing, Jesus Willing, Allah willing, 'what ever you believe in' willing.....

        Honestly, I dont mind whom, just as long as... someone ...is willing.

        This is not where we should end up, as a society or as humanity, I know you Kareem and Snowdon agree....

        So that makes 3 ... and if there are 3 now, soon they'll be 1,000,003, and so on...

        Strange thing is as a look at my book called "Ancient civilizations" all of them get more draconian as their time comes to an end.... Something to think about.

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