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Should Microsoft and Google stand up and oppose the NSA publicly? Will doing nothing work?

The big Media Story today is about a Whistle-Blower who is hiding and
may soon to be captured and returned to the US for Arrest and Trial.

The exposure of NSA spying tactics of forcing Microsoft and Google,
as well as a number of other Internet Providers, both here and abroad, to provide User Records has put this nation's Internet Users on guard.

The NSA's current program PRISM has now been shown to have been
used to invade and capture information from friendly foreign nations.

We are Americans. We claim to be Free. However, in the
last 20 years things have been changing. Can we afford to stay
out of the mess?
What I wrote, although it sounds like an hyperbole, is anything but.

I refer to CNN's presentation on July 17th's video of the US Congress
having a hearing with the Deputy Director's of the Department's of Justice, DOJ, the DIA, the National Security Agency, NSA. and one other.

In the 3 .8 hour Congressional Committee's hearing, members asked pointed
questions and received evasive answers, with promises made that a secret
session would be more appropriate to answer their queries.

The queries by the Congressmen and Congresswomen were to the point
of why the NSA and other such agencies were conducting surveillances'
of US citizens, with partner corporations, collecting said US citizen's information from the telephone (cell phone) calls, email messages, and otherwise, that had been placed and received, and specifically without the knowledge and/or permission of said US citizens, in violation of two of the amendments to the US Constitution, plainly illegal acts.

Hyperbole, not hardly.

I found on my operating system, evidence of the NSA's Prism program.
Regardless of your opinion, please take a few minutes and
respond. ..Your input is necessary. ..Stand up, be fearless.


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    Jul 13 2013: Look guys, I think the government is more well-intentioned than we perceive them to be.

    Have you guys ever seen a politician's schedule? They literally work from 8AM-8PM or something ridiculous like talking to various people participating in debates or meetings, etc. I just did a project at my work from 9-10:30 PM and I can tell you, this shit is tiring. I was literally going home, go straight to bed, get up, go to work with nothing in between.

    And you know what else, these guys have to listen. HARD.
    In my other post, I also mentioned that Listening requires focus. A lot of focus. Imagine maintaining that kind of focus for 12 hours. Every single day. To be able to do this is superhuman.

    Man, being a politician sure sounds like a dream job doesn't it?

    Also know this. A lot of these politicians are from Harvard and Yale due to alumni connections. These guys have been raised in rich, predominately white communities. There's no way they could relate to the kinds of things a kid from the urban street life has to go through. At the same time, there's no way that some guy growing up from the street could relate to what a born-rich white politician had to go through as a child. I bet the family put high expectations on them to continue the legacy and I bet the sibling rivalries are intense.

    You know what else politicians might have to go through? Deciphering ambiguity.

    Let me show you what ambiguity is.
    I used a product called BGH. It's fast, flexible, scalable, and it can do anything you want!

    Now you tell me what BGH is and what it does. Yeah, you can't know what it is. In a project at work, we were tasked to understand what the product was and sell its idea. Figuring out ambiguity is HARD. The politicians MUST decipher the ambiguity that all the other politicians say in order to keep up with the rest.

    So if you ask my hunch, these politicians are receptive and intelligent, but they just need a little change in perspective.
    • Jul 13 2013: James, you sound like myself some 50 years ago.
      It is fun when your learning and stuffing your head
      with knowledge. You just have to let it out. Fun stuff.

      You might be a bit too forgiving. But otherwise
      Great Job.
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        Jul 13 2013: Letting it out is the easiest way to be myself, but the hardest way when no one accepts it.

        I think I'm pretty reasonable, but wholeheartedly appreciate your words of caution and concern and take it to heart :)

        ...especially when I do something stupid haha
        • Jul 15 2013: I don't think you have experienced enough critical thinking to know when you are being hoodwinked. It is a well-known fact that most politicians never read the bills they vote on nor do they have any motivations to do so. Their lives are so filled with travel junkets, fund-raising parties, perks of all kinds, they have little time left to do the work they're paid to do. I think we live in a quasi police state where even the politicians have no more power than any of us do...they're "bought" by the ruling plutocracy on their way into office! The media simply spew the propaganda they are being fed by the 1%ers and they distract us from important issues by tossing out conflicts and meaningless "news". 98% of us are merely ignorant ants serving their purposes.
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        Jul 15 2013: "I don't think you have experienced enough critical thinking to know when you are being hoodwinked."

        No probably not. I don't know much about politics and I don't know the details of NSA.

        However, I do know people. And I know how to solve and identify problems.

        That's my perspective anyways. But thanks for sharing your info :)
    • Jul 16 2013: James: Your post reminded me of a story about the Queen of England. At a parade, one of the soldiers, standing at attention for a long time, fainted in place and lay there unconscious. (Happens often). A small child asked : Why is no one helping him? And was told, his Corporal could not help him, without breaking ranks , and upsetting the whole parade. The Sergeant couldn't do anything for the same reason, and upward through the ranks, to the presiding General. He said the Queen would be upset. The Queen said she couldn't do anything because it would upset everyone else. That's about our situation. Of course, I guess it really does depend on having evil "Enemies", in our case.
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        Jul 16 2013: Common sense is the ultimate efficiency.

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