Hamizan Ridzuan Johar Razali

Architecture Student, UiTM Perak

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Is there a relationship between the terms we use in architecture and the language we speak?

Where does the words for the components come from? Why are there several terms for the same components? Does the cultural use of language have any effect on architecture? I'm very curious about this.

  • Jul 12 2013: nevermind
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    Jul 11 2013: Could you share some examples of the several terms for the same components?
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      Jul 12 2013: An example for this, I would have to say is the term for "column," which could also be called a "stanchion." Does this have anything to do with the language culture of the place it was first used? Or could there be another reason?
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        Jul 12 2013: I see. You are surely right that multiple terms may arise when different words were used originally in different environments and then people from those environments have come to interconnect professionally or personally.