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Life and Immortality

I actually just posted this awhile ago but set it on like a day or something stupidly.

So i want to start by asking what's life and if our conception of it is correct. So our definition of life is birth, growth, reproduction, and functionality. Now the interesting thing of this is what about those that immortal and never die.
In our future we will inevitably become immortal now when this happens will we be considered alive or just being? Would we continue to reproduce or would we at that point become a species of one entity with no need of reproducing or growing. Or could you consider growth as the gaining of more knowledge which will always happen. How do you think an immortal views life as we know it now? (I would like some opinions on that) would they see death as necessary for life or just something as a problem we haven't fixed yet that they have.
And then what is the point of an immortal? Human's point is to satisfy their own desires we are selfish in that sense even if your desires themselves are not selfish. Or could you see the selfishness of humans as just a way to continue our species to become immortal. Then if that was the case what would happen when we reach that our ideas of constant improvement and evolution would cease what would we then do? what is the next step's point when we reach it is it still to improve? but on what is there to improve other than knowledge? and what would be the point of improving knowledge if there is nothing else to improve upon?

  • Jul 12 2013: Life is short,only spirit can be immortal
    • Jul 15 2013: so you're saying you are already immortal?
      • Jul 15 2013: Lol,Dear Charles Curt,at least I am aware of so.But it doesn't mean I am immortal already,maybe I am on the way to recognize what is the so called:immortality as long as I can remind myself to be conscious of spiritual immortality.It is a whole life thing for me...

        By the way,I am sure I never can be immortal but spirit can be...
        • Jul 15 2013: no, immortality is forever and you would be an immortal now as the soul is the driver of the body and like sitting in a car and getting out of one it makes the body not the owner of the soul. So i'll say again you think you're immortal? why would humans be granted to live forever over animals? we are not that advanced (or special) anyways we are still a bunch of dumb hairless monkeys waiting for the next step in evolution and perhaps it's immortality.
      • Jul 15 2013: Hi Dear charles Curt:),maybe when i am being with spirits,i am immortal at that monent,but I don't think I can be being so all the time,sometimes my body and spirit are that moment my body seems empty,an empty shell.It reminds me:humanbeing needs spirit to support our bodies,it means meaningful life.

        I think it is better humanbeing not be immortal in body,i always think spirit can be our humanbeing's immortality
        • Jul 15 2013: Wait so you believe the soul is all of those drugs that the body releases that we are able to perceive from evolution? How i thought the soul was (although i don't believe in it) that it was the life force within us not a bunch of chemicals.
      • Jul 16 2013: Sorry,I think spirits mean those positive things encouraging or supporting us to live in this world meaningful.but I am not sure about soul yet.
        • Jul 16 2013: Oh, well those are still chemicals all made up from evolution telling us to be useful.
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    Jul 14 2013: We are on earth to find life; living here on earth is an opportunity to choose the life of God.
    • Jul 15 2013: "the god" like all the rest of the gods are wrong or something...
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    W. Ying

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    Jul 12 2013: .
    If we are immortal,

    (1) There is no "happiness" any more.
    (2) "No need of reproducing or growing".
    (3) No need of improving knowledge.
    (4) ....
    • Jul 12 2013: Why no happines though? would we not rejoice when we learned something new or helped another species??
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        Jul 14 2013: .


        (1) Happiness is the short-feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping our DNA alive.
        Immortal needs no more "a-step-better"s,
        (a) "Learning something new",
        (b) "Helping another species for symbiosis".
        (c) ....
        • Jul 15 2013: happiness is all perception my friend if we would want happiness we could have it by the time we are immortal we will be incredibly powerful all happiness is anyways is chemicals.
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    Aug 11 2013: .
    Reply to Charles Curt
    (Jul 15 2013: happiness is all perception my friend if we would want happiness we could have it by the time we are immortal we will be incredibly powerful all happiness is anyways is chemicals.)

    Thanks for your replying.
    And I have 2 questions:
    (1) For what do we feel happiness?
    (2) Are neurotransmitter chemicals merely the information packages of our data in the brain?
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    • Jul 15 2013: So you're implying god is what humans experience? We are all very inaccurate in our memory and all those feeling are told through science it's just chemical reactions that the consciousness experiences. I don't have children and i don't know the of a soul.
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    • Jul 15 2013: Your comments were 2 pages of religion?
      And ok well i was taught Zeus wasn't Ze is that just the translation into your language?
      Also I lost you there on the body of Jeev and zeev thing??
      Here's a fun fact for you when individuals meditate that know what they are doing and have done it alot the brain releases doses of the hallucinogen DMT. But I wish to ask what is the supreme being is there any proof of it?
  • Jul 15 2013: Ok so i got a good amount of comments but not one opinion on how an immortal views life?
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    Jul 14 2013: Well, at least you won't have to worry about mowing the lawns, I mean, you can sit and watch it grow. Time would have no weight anymore. We could take our time and develop recyclable organic systems and work on the M.I repository to backup our current brain cfg's to eventually in some far off distant moment either getting off the planet or taking the planet along for the ride. Life becomes one big moment so, whatever the race decides to do eventually it will achieve, unless the race decides to want to stop being curious.

    I vote to turn our planet into a temporary cruise ship, we could always renovate when we get to where ever it is we decide to go. One big moment.
    • Jul 15 2013: if we would want our planet in the future we could find spaceships better and just strip earth bare not like we would car we'd have a couple more planets.
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        Jul 15 2013: Yes, of course, that's the usual scenario imagined by the current population but remember we are talking about being immortal and what if the race wants to watch two galaxies collide? We could develop a swarm system where we flow to different parts of where ever when ever like schools of fish? We might get silly and our race disbands, each individual off on their own private journey alone. Time will solve all our problems. There's no rush.
  • Jul 13 2013: There are already immortal creatures on our own planet earth. Jellyfish and some other related animals live basically forever as long as they have a supply of food and are not eaten or killed in some way. As regards human being, they are not ready for immortality (as the Vorlon ambassador said in Babylon 5). Wgy? Well, there is so much fear and greed and selfishness for a start without the wisdom to deal with it. Its not that this wisdom is missing in some way, its there always waiting to be made use of, that very small voice always there saying to do what is right in each situation. Its just tha most people don't listen, overcome by the noise from other sources. Only once this wisdom comes to the fore will human beings be ready for such a big step, this also applies to communication with other civilisations in the galaxy. Afterall, would you want the plague that is humanity let loose on the galaxy?
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      Jul 14 2013: When did Kosh say that? ; ) I'm optimistic and probably will never see our children get up there and for once chase those pesky flying saucers instead of they having all the fun at our expense, that's our airspace! Let's see how they like being pranced around. : D
      • Jul 14 2013: Kosh said that after he killed that woman who had developed the immortality serum she obtained by killing others, can't remember her name, she was some sort of general who had wiped out an entire race. Just as the earth authorities were preparing to transport the general her shuttle was destroyed by a Vorlon ship. I really enjoyed Babylon 5, especially Kosh, that episode when he introduced Sheridan to one moment of perfect beauty was superb.
    • Jul 15 2013: frank-interesting thought but does age not produce wisdom? elders are normally considered wiser out of experience. An immortal would have no need to mess with others as it would be of little importance.
  • Jul 12 2013: I would think that immortality would be the greatest curse inflicted upon someone. I would need to know how the immortality works though. Does the immortal remember everything? I 'm not sure people would have that much memory storage in there brain for a million years. Maybe new memories come at the expense of the death of old ones. The next step to improve would be our goal. But, i believe there is no such thing as an immortal, because they will seek out death. I would think that immortality would be life's form of insomnia if death would be sleep.
    • Jul 15 2013: ummm so you don't think by the time we are immortal we will be able to expand our brain? computers are still just getting started ya know.
  • Jul 12 2013: From a Biblical point of view, according to Genesis,
    (as I interpret it)

    "Life is experiencing everything we once knew,
    But never had to go through."
    • Jul 15 2013: Love the "as i interpret it" really shows the beauty of christianity.
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    • Jul 15 2013: Umm evolution is a proven fact that has been proven over and over and over and over again. Saying evolution is false is like saying the earth is flat and we are at the center of the universe. It is an old way of thinking as religion has always opposed science on the quest for truth because it always hurts the message of the religion so both of these must evolve over time. If you were to remember that religion is mostly (if not all) about the unknown and unprovable. Think about long ago before christianity the greeks worshipped lightening (Zeus) the did not know how lightning worked so they made it into the only way they could tell how it works was religion, as it was impossible to prove what lightning is back the they put god in its place. Now just think what does religion do now day? teach the unknown (life death time) and it will still be a long time as with the greeks and lightning to find out what these truly are. But I believe it quicker than we think as technology is proving religion wrong on a whole mew scale of truth as now religion cannot suppress science anymore but they can sure try by spreading their own personalized truths of life taught by someone else.

      Although I do very enjoy your first thought there the whole drama there i'm guessing you are a believer in fate and you would be right as if we truly knew enough we could predict the future with math and life would become fate.
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    Jul 12 2013: To be or not to be.... that is the answer and the question. As a Time Traveller I too see mankinds future being one in which our lives are vastly extended. Immortality implies forever and in that context, I think people would become ..... bored, eventually!


    You would literally have had to have seen everything, bearing in mind, with intergalactic travel, there would be an incredible amount of time spent exploring all the worlds that are in the universe!

    Also given the size of the universe (Star Treckesque space travellers we will become) and all the planets we could populate, reproduction would still occur, probably by then with augmentation etc to live extra long/immortal lives)

    You could possibly know everything eventually too, provided you have been able to explore every world and engaged with every intelligent life form!

    Couple of things tho, not sure how literally being vaporised or blown up by an atomic explosion etc would work on staying immortal.... not saying tho that technology won't develop so that in the instant before the explosion etc your body, disappears/teleports to a safe zone!

    Some tho, despite all this, would still have just had enough and would just want to get off the life merry go round and probably then want to go ol' school and just die... like we do now! : D
    • Jul 15 2013: yes and i guess when you learn everything you become god or some craziness lol
  • Jul 12 2013: Aren't we? All life including you and me is part of a greater whole. gnostic isn't it?