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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember when you always heard this question in grade school? Why don't people ask it when you're 30? Isn't it possible to do something else entirely and still have room to change your mind? So my question is, "What do you want to be when you grow up?

I recently asked myself this question at 29 and I realized that I didn't know the answer so... I started taking martial arts thinking that maybe I’ll try my hand at being a ninja warrior. I also started taking pilot lessons because I was always afraid of flying so I figured a career in aviation was the perfect way to get rid of my fear. These are just a few examples of things that I’ve done.

My suggestion would be to go and find something daring that forces you to think like a child once more to discover what will truly feed your spirit and make your life fulfilled.


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  • Jul 12 2013: I think what you're doing is great Kimberly.

    But Kimberly, I think more and more are doing it, you only need look at the boom in online education. People are realizing that there is a world of opportunity out there, and there is nothing to fear. Change can be great, it can free you up, and show you worlds, and experiences you never knew about.

    I'm glad you had the courage to try. I hope this conversation encourages others too.
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      Jul 12 2013: I believe that the MOOCs may offer their biggest advantage to the avid lifelong learner
      • Jul 12 2013: Absolutely Fritzie :)

        Here is a web site that lists them.... http://www.mooc-list.com/
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          Jul 14 2013: I also like that top colleges are now putting webcasts of some of their courses online for the general public to view like Harvard and MIT. It's a great "open source" opportunity!

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