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Is growing up (mentally) too fast a good thing or a bad thing?

Just a quick background: I'm 16 years old, I have an elder sister and we're 10 years apart. I spend a lot of (or probably too much) time hanging out with much older people (mentors, older siblings, etc), and I enjoy being around them. And somehow, I enjoy it when they share their issues to me. (Work, money, etc)
I didn't realize about this, until I tried to talk to a friend of the same age about an issue I'm concerned about, and the only thing she said was, "Really? You worry about those kinds of stuff?"
Day by day, the more I realize that I don't enjoy hanging out with friends of the same age group that much. My friends are all wondering how come I know a lot about the current issues, especially politics, and I told them I watch a lot of news on TV and read the paper, and they said, "Really? You can stand that?"
An older friend told me that I really should keep hanging out with friends of the same age group as well, just to "keep me in the ballpark".

I like being a few pages ahead of my friends, but do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing? I appreciate your opinions. Thanks a lot!


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    Jul 13 2013: Whatever happens, happens, whether it's too fast or slow.

    But there's always new shit to do. The only thing that stops that enjoyment is when your creativity is killed. By words of Tupac Shakur, "Jails kill creativity."
    • Jul 18 2013: Hi James,

      I see that being creative is the key to life full of enjoyment. Thanks a lot for your response!
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        Jul 18 2013: No, I've learned that even being creative can be a HORRIBLE thing.

        If it's not fun, then there's something wrong.
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      Jul 18 2013: Re: "Tupac Shakur, "Jails kill creativity.""

      Wait... this sounds familiar. Where did I hear this?.. Oh! Ken Robinson "Schools kiill creativity"... I wonder if there is any connection between those two quotes...
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        Jul 21 2013: The split is becoming wider. They are either becoming more military(ish) or more creative. I'm referring to schools.

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