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How can sports help improve education in high school?

A high school I go to is currently experiencing academic difficulties where about 50% of students fail at least one class. This is shocking. I am going to be a senior this year and am concerned about education of my peers. However, my school is good at one thing - sports, especially at soccer. As an athlete and a member of National Honor Society, I would like to find specific ways to implement sports into a learning environment. Some ideas about projects related to sports and academics that can improve my school's academic performance would be helpful and much appreciated.


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    Jul 11 2013: Sports draws the focus away from the school's mission, which is to educate. Sports is nothing but a distraction and has no place in education.
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        Jul 12 2013: My personal experience with phys ed, as a child as an adult with children, was that they had one goal - to crank out more football players. I've yet to encounter a phys ed program that offered health education, nutrition, body mechanics, mathematics, or science. Perhaps your experience is different, but I'd be hard-pressed to believe it.

        Also, you really must set aside your habit of tacking on a personal insult at the end of each post. It has no place on TED conversations.
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        Jul 12 2013: "It is also common for people that are not good at sports to complain about phys ed."

        Guilty as charged. Still, I could have benefited from health and lifestyle training beyond that which includes throwing, kicking or carrying a ball. But, as I said, the purpose of school phys ed programs is to benefit the team, not the health of the student.

        My original post offered an opinion, which was asked for, your post ended with a needless insult. I had hoped you could see the difference.

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