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Global Warming - Real or faked?

In most places, human induced global warming/climate change due to CO2 emissions is taken as truth simply because people hear about it so much. The Kyoto Protocol and other such agreements are examples of that. But I am skeptical, for a couple of reasons: one, why is there so little true transparency globally on this issue? In my country New Zealand, we have recently implemented an Emissions Trading Scheme, the details of which are classified information - so all we know is roughly how it is supposed to work, and that we have an extra tax to pay.
And two - the percentage of CO2 we emit is so small compared to volcanoes etc...what is wrong with letting nature do what nature does?

I would love to hear what you think, I have absolutely no answers, but of course an opinion! :)


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    Jul 12 2013: Denial has far-reaching consequences, leading from a loss of grip on reality on a personal level, to the collapse of entire civilizations.

    In psychology:
    "denial /de·ni·al/ (dĭ-ni´il) in psychiatry, a defense mechanism in which the existence of unpleasant internal or external realities is kept out of conscious awareness"

    In science:
    "A climate denier has a position staked out in advance, and sorts through the data employing "confirmation bias" - the tendency to look for and find confirmatory evidence for pre-existing beliefs and ignore or dismiss the rest."

    Man-made Global Warming? It may be very uncomfortable to do so, but I strongly suggest you listen to what climate science is telling you - Not, repeat NOT what politicians and economists would have you believe in order to confirm and maintain a cozy, fossil-fuelled status quo.

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