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Is Political Correctness really nothing more than an exercise in being dishonest?

Is Political Correctness really nothing more than an exercise in being dishonest and in the big picture, does it not create more problems than it supposedly solves.
Lets face it .....Political Correctness stifles the truth and free speech and wants/encourages people to be dishonest!


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  • Jul 11 2013: Political correctness can mean calling a group of people by the term desired.

    For example, back when, a person that had an IQ under a certain number was called a imbecile. That was the scientific definition of an imbecile. We then changed it to another euphemism, to make it politically correct. The clinical word for them then became retard (this means slow in many languages and in English). That then became politically incorrect.
    Now the socially acceptable words are "differently abled" "developmentally changed," and "special needs people." These will soon become politically incorrect, (like "special ed." has become) when the meaning catches up to the word. Then we will move onto other euphemisms. I am not sure I understand the point of this.

    Obviously people should not use racial slurs. I am not saying that African American is a euphemism for the N-word. In this case, I think people should be politically correct and not use derogatory terms to talk about groups of people. The meaning associated with the N-word is different that the meaning of saying African American.
    It is similar to referring to women vs bitches. Even though you refer to people with XX chromosomes (or transgender women), the meaning associated with the word is different. It is derogatory. Not using derogatory terms is a form of political correctness, and I find nothing wrong with that.

    I do have problems when history is changed in order to be PC. That does not help anyone.
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      Jul 11 2013: Well Betty..................suggest you come on 'all politically correct' by not actually stating the REAL 'N' word and then tell us you have a problem when history is changed to be PC.

      Suggest you practice what you preach!

      • Jul 11 2013: I am not sure I understand what you are saying. I did exactly what you suggest. I was "all politcally correct" and did not actually state the N-word. I then said I did not agree when being PC changes history.

        I am not sure I understand how not saying the N-word changes history.
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          Jul 11 2013: Well Ted Friend.....curious here......kindly enlighten me of what you see as the 'correct context' of the word/term 'Nigger' and give me specific examples of the usage of the kosher and non kosher word/term 'Nigger' in two separate sentences showing how one usage is racist and the other not.

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          Jul 12 2013: Well once again Ted Friend..........lets start off by making the point that this is a discussion forum.
          Accordingly why would I be wrong to suggest your ...'Get off that high horse there BR.' is an attempt to stifle the discussion? Just asking.

          And yes I agree context and motive of words/a word designate its purpose and intent/motive.

          But the last time I looked it had become Politically incorrect to use the word 'Nigger' in any context or form.............full stop, and even kiddies books ala Noddy have been deemed PC incorrect.

          We have schools removing pork related food from school canteens to be PC:


          Some say thats racism in reverse and existing culture destruction.

          Oh and btw I have been called a racist on/over some matters but as to whether they had a rational valid argument was open to debate.

          As for your claim of me 'blowing it'......:)..........that coming from somebody that does the semantics of context and motive, suggest you should do the semantics on 'suggest' as opposed to 'claim/claiming'.

          Further suggest your the one making all the claims about me..............suggest I'm the one thats trying to foster a debate/discussion on what I see as the hypocrisy and dishonesty of PC and the taboos and Sacred cows of our society it is feeding.

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          Jul 12 2013: Ted Friend re your:

          para 1: Don't recall stating I feel stifled...........do recall stating that I saw that, that comment of yours as trying to stifle the discussion. BIG difference.

          para 2. Suggest when the word 'Nigger' is used now days it brings up connotations of the racial variety no matter in what context it is being used. But hey thats only my personal opinion on that point........ just like what you have been expressing, personal opinion.

          para 3. Suggest if you had read the article with 'comprehension,' it amounted to more than a COUPLE of 'school official idiots' (as you have chosen to label/denigrate them) and at time of print are talking 20 schools.
          And what I suggest here also begs the question ....'What facts/truths do you have to support your claims that the school officials are IDIOTS based on your PC ideology and unless you can support your claim I see UNTRUTH and FALSEHOOD coming from you.

          para4. And you know this is ' just the normal crap that goes on every day in schools ' because. And where did I claim I was being...... ' subjected to some heinous secret plot to make me a Muslim.' ?????

          para5. Don't recall seeing anything about anybody being FORCED to eat anything........kindly show me where it stated that. And as for Christians and your prayer red herring.........don't know about your neck of the woods but in mine prayers were only said in the Christian schools and only in the public schools if one participated in the religious indoctrination classes.

          para 6. Don't recall claiming religions don't push their agendas .............my point thereto was that I object to ANY religion or other body requesting/demanding the removal of a food source from the menu of a public tax payer funded school to appease any religious groups belief ideology. Suggest that is discrimination big time.
          And I still see your trying to make with the belittlement of the points of the discussion with the 'secret plot' dribble.


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