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Is Political Correctness really nothing more than an exercise in being dishonest?

Is Political Correctness really nothing more than an exercise in being dishonest and in the big picture, does it not create more problems than it supposedly solves.
Lets face it .....Political Correctness stifles the truth and free speech and wants/encourages people to be dishonest!

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    Jul 11 2013: One question that should be considered is this: Who defines political Correctness?
    But in reality truth hurts, and sometimes one would have to be tactful in the presentation of truth. This takes wisdom, because lies, hypocrisy and cowardice are a "No no" in any society that hopes to be at its best.
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      Jul 11 2013: Come now Feyisayo...............we teach our kids to tell us/the truth and then they grow up and see that the world actually 'runs' on lies, hypocrisy and cowardice and we wonder why they feel cheated and no longer have faith in us and what we supposedly stand for!

      Accordingly to name a 'society' that is at its best and why that is the case?

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      Jul 14 2013: Wrong again TF................... I don't like Islam and what it stands for, how the men treat the women or what its agenda is just to mention a few of my bones of contention with Islam.

      Can easily provide more if you like!

      Suggest the Muslims are just the unfortunate rote indoctrinated pawns in a larger agenda and the Muslims are just sheeple like the Christian masses were for centuries before church and state were separated and education combined with critical thinking took away the power monopoly from the Christian churches.

      And just for the record (as your the claim expert, mind reader and clairvoyant)............... what is my race? Culture and religion?

      Suggest I have already dealt with your other 'claims' and their authenticity/'factuality in my other posts in that your entitled to those opinions but as to them being fact or worth squat is open to debate and isn't that why we are here?:):)
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          Jul 14 2013: ROFL....................geeez Tf notice your motive is making dishonest claims, showing cowardice by not answering questions and now your on some stupid rant about separatism.

          Suggest you go and reread some of the dribble you posted and how you told other folk their opinions are hogwash and BS.

          Talk about some one acting/thinking they are the SUPERIOR know all......suggest you take the cake in that dept.

          Especially with this piece of childish irrational stupidity.......................

          "I watched your video and it is the typical separatist BS of people that think a country belongs to them just because they were lucky enough to be born there and they think that gives them a right to keep other people out of that country."

          And gee TF, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to see what I have posted on this TED post for everyone to see.................and btw I suggest people herein are smart enough to see what I have posted without your prompting, but hey maybe you believe they aren't smart enough to fig it out for themselves and they need your 'superior' intellect, knowledge and insight to be made aware of all such.

          Maybe for your next post you can cry us a river to show how caring a person you can be if prompted.

          Still ROFLing......................
  • Jul 12 2013: OK, can we agree that our wonderful Federal government and most of the
    State's governments are really - really corrupt with a capital C...?

    Can we also agree that the Administrators and Regulators of our government's
    are also really - really corrupt with a capital C...?

    Soooo, we know the problem. Right...?
    How can we fix it...???
    Elections are controlled. No, Not the ballot boxes, you dummies.
    The Leadership of the Republicans and Democrats don't care who wins.
    They only care who runs.... Right...?

    Because they can get money to Campaign and buy Media Advertusubg.
    The Media wants those Campaign Dollars.
    Campaign Dollars are available 24/7/365 days a year
    from one election to another.

    The Republicans and Democrats pay their Advertising bills,
    and Split the Government right down the middle. Right...?

    Love 'em or Leave 'em. Cause you won't change a thing.
    Canada's great this time of year, but in the fall you'll need
    a sweater, and rain gear.
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      Jul 12 2013: Hi Frank.....................methinks your on the wrong page!
  • Jul 11 2013: Regardless of the purpose, the replacement of one term by another seldom improve or correct the real meaning of the intent of the speaker one way or another. It's just a kind of clumsy trick. For example,
    From negro (=black in Spanish) to black doesn't make any sense,
    to African (American) is ambiguous because people in Egypt, Morocco or South Africa are not black.
    From Cuban to Hispanic(=Spanish on Spanish) makes no improvement either.
    From White to Caucasian(people live in Caucasus) is utterly confusing.

    Quote: " The incorrect term used to label a "white" man or woman. The word Caucasian refers to a person who is from the region of Caucasus, which is in Europe bordering Turkey and Iran. Therefore, I am not a Caucasian being that I am not from Caucasus. I am, in general, European. Also I am not "white" being that I do not blend in with white paint, or white paper. I prefer to think that I have some amount pigmentation in my skin, thank you very much.
    A Jamaican man being called African, even though he is Jamaican. A Mexican woman being called Dominican, even though she is Mexican. A Peruvian being called Puerto Rican, even though they are Peruvian. A Palestinian being called Israeli, even though they are Palestinian. A German being called Caucasian, even though they are German. THERE IS A DIFFRENCE."
    The word Caucasian means different things throughout history. It sometimes meant as all Europeans plus people from North Africa, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India.
    Anyway, if we really want to speak correctly in political sense without bias or discrimination, we shout call everybody "American", which really is the fairest treatment of all. However, if we want to favor one race over another in anyway, then there is really not much sense to paint over the skin color by any "correct" terminology anyhow.
    By the way, the terms like "nigger", "chink" or "polack", etc. are maliciously intended slurs, which are not in question.
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    Jul 11 2013: There is a way to be politically correct and still get your point across. I think the problem comes when being PC goes too far and people become offended or offended for others by the smallest of remarks.
    I personally am not PC but neither am I overly blunt or racist or offensive in my approach.
    The middle road is usually the best road to take.
  • Jul 19 2013: Political correctness gives unintentional harming words to cause harm. Political correctness gives certain words their power. The following statement is not meant to be offensive in any form by me: I never understood why People who have "Dwarfism" get offended by "Midget" and not "Dwarf" or "Little Person". Honestly I see no difference. But I would most likely be offended by dwarf because I personally seen that in a fairy tale with seven dwarfs. I wouldn't want to be compared to a mythological creature. Then again its also about being mature and not jumping to conclusions. If someone is clearly trying to offend then take it that way and handle how you choose, but if someone has no intention to be offensive then don't take it as offensive.

    I also think the political correctness in "African American" is wrong when it comes to an alternative towards calling someone black. What about Jamaca, Haiti, or even America! Someone could argue "but those countries originated from Africa" well in that case we all technically did.If you have dual citizenship you are African American. Political correctness is giving assumptions to try not to be offensive. You don't know if someone has dual citizenship unless you ask. Because you have to ask you cannot generalize. Assume makes an ass of u and me. An alternative? The common "black" or Africoid ( the name given for African descended human skulls).

    In the end its about freedom of speech. Say what you're going to say if it isn't offensive. People who assume will be offended but just restate. I never once meant to be offensive. Because political correctness bans some words people who would normally use them in the flow of words have to stop and hesitate and choose another word. People are smart enough to know synonyms and will feel the anxiety from the associated word. Speak and don't hesitate. Amendment 1. 'MURICA
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    Jul 12 2013: RE:.

    It is that multiculturalism that has made the US and Europe successful."

    And lets be specific and factual here...... It was European Judea/Christian multiculturalism ideologies and work ethics that made both the US and Europe successful.
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        Jul 14 2013: ROFL................ My real 'agenda' says he, claiming to know...................are you perchance a clairvoyant as well as a mind reader??

        And as being here for promoting anything let alone a separatist agenda...........Lol., suggest what if anything I can be accused of promoting, is discussions on 'Sacred cows, so called Social taboos and pretty much any subject that the dishonest hypocrites of Political Correctness do not want to touch or want anybody else to bring to the table for fear of offending somebody, some culture, some religious belief or ideology even if it is the truth that is being tendered.

        As for your (in my opinion) pithy Q:"do you think your white Christian culture is superior?"

        Could your agenda here be to try and pin a label of racist on me which you then believe will give you more kudos perchance??

        Don't recall making any claims that the 'white christian culture' was superior to any other religious cultures (do you), but I will make the claim that it is my opinion, all religious driven cultures are a hindrance to the human spirit and its endeavors and that is why there is a separation of church and state needed to contain/isolate the 'tooth fairy' in a separate realm.

        Will also make the claim that it was the 'white western industrial/capitalist system that made the greatest advancements/betterment's for the greatest number of people on the planet.

        Does that statement make me a racist or a factist?:)

        And for the record you will tell us when the US was NOT 'for most of its existence multicultural' ?????????????

        Something to ponder....................,_americas_never_been_a_multicultural_society/page/full
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    Jul 12 2013: "What is most important to a country, it's location or It's culture?"

    "Your question does not make sense Pat as most countries are multicultural these days.

    The US and Europe are all very culturally diverse so the idea that one culture dominates and is superior is ridiculous.

    It is that multiculturalism that has made the US and Europe successful."

    It makes sense to me? It makes sense to the guy in Great Britain.

    The U.S. is more culturally diverse than most countries certainly the Asian countries. Even thought it is a melting pot, the culture was a free market culture, people came here for opportunity to better themselves this was the very substance of the U.S. culture. Which has faded to a government culture of entitlement. This is responsible for much of the immigration. This does not mean that people repress their heritage, nor should they, but they will do themselves a favor by adopting the new culture as well. A friend of mine a conservative Jew, spent a few years in Australia on business, his comment was do you know what I missed the most about the U.S? He said it was the influence of blacks on the culture.

    The prior is what created the U.S. the latter is what is/will destroy it.

    A Culture is the most basic indoctrination into a society, it is a huge part of what makes the difference between a successful company and a unsuccessful one, a successful family and a unsuccessful one, a successful country and a unsuccessful one.

    I don't think you can see this but I don't want to see the very substance of the most successful country/culture destroyed by a compulsion for cultural diversity.
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        Jul 12 2013: Have a nice day
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        Jul 14 2013: Curious............Couple of questions Ted Friend regarding your................

        1."That is a completely incorrect and ignorant assumption Pat as it is not new immigrants that are the majority of people on entitlements it is long time born here US citizens and the majority are white Americans."

        Q. Of the number of the immigrants, what percentage are on entitlements?

        Q2. Like to give us your benchmark for claiming that "This idea that a race or culture is superior is immature and is harmful.' ??

        And finally the fact of the matter regarding your claim that this......

        Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free!

        is on the statue of Liberty, is false/untrue.

        Suggest you get your facts right by reading this...................

        It may be part of an American history event, but it certainly isn't anything that is enshrined in the American constitution or that the US govt/people are obliged to act on or take heed of as you appear to be alluding to.

        As I said previously................every sovereign nation has the right to deem who and when somebody can enter THEIR shores no matter how immature you decide to deem that right.

        Further note that the statue wasn't even created/built by the Americans but was a gift from France.
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      Jul 11 2013: Well Ted Friend............ here we are again and I am beginning to see that 'racism' appears to be a 'major' concern/issue for some folk in this discussion on PC so accordingly I tender this link for viewing and comment.......

      Further to your aforementioned............have you perchance pondered that SOME people actually do need to be intentionally verbally abused, attacked, defamed and told out right that they are despicable and should be hated??

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          Jul 12 2013: Ok Ted Friend...............I take note of your points about 'Untrue and false' and no I do not approve of spreading untruths or falsehoods, nor have I suggested such be the case.

          Suggest however to defame/denigrate/denounce/abuse/call to account transgressions or transgressors with the truth or facts should not be stifled or hindered or watered down by political correctness.
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        Jul 11 2013: Exactly

        Reply to Ted Friend

        In that case I too am a Racist

        I have accused some people of being NIGGARD

        There are 3 levels of thought

        Analytical, associative, reactive
        Analytical is as it sounds, associative is as it sounds not as discerning, reactive is the level of thought of animals.

        If you thought of the word niggard as racist you are using associative thinking.

        Response to Ted Friend starting with Pat look

        "If you try to play tricks with words"

        I am absolutely not playing tricks. I'm saying that you have to look at this stuff very analytically and very logically. You are not, you are looking at this emotionally, not analytically.
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          Jul 12 2013: ROFL....suggest you don't put words into my mouth to suit yourself.

          As for the 'SOME PEOPLE'..........lets start with Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Terrorists of all persuasions, muslim suicide bombers, murders, rapists, pedophiles, people who stone adulterers and behead the people who have different religious beliefs..............hows that for long a list would you like???

          And so you deem the vid BS...............your entitled to that opinion but I suggest whether that opinion is worth squat is debatable.

          And yes the people that hold/have held a country and built that country have every right to defend and excluded who ever from that country until a stronger force/aggressor comes along and proves might is right and takes over.
          Way of the world....always has been and it aint going to change anytime soon.

          An what is wrong and why if country wants to keep its culture the dominant on in that country?

          Also suggest your starting down the 'bankrupted argument' trip when you start taking it upon yourself to claim to know my 'wants'!

          Suggest you go and test your freedom of speech by going to Mecca and stand infront of the Al-Masjid Al-Haram and question the validity and practices of Islam and I go to St Peters Basilica in ROME and question the validity and practices of Catholicism and see who comes back home alive?

          Then I suggest you can preach to me about freedom of speech being a two way street.

          Rofl ..again...Geeez....playing victim and whining you claim and then you finish with 'and they might get very rough lol.' is starting to sound like one of those veiled threats I have seen muslims confront the reporters of the Western Free Press with.

          And after your little rant about countries not having the right to exclude who they choose from their borders I'm starting to ponder on what sort of background and ideology train your on and accordingly if I had all the 'dirt on you', I might add you to the some people list.
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          Jul 12 2013: Well Kate thats your choice and right to take offense at whatever you to whether its valid, justified or even to the point is I suggest debatable.

          But lets get to the crux of the matter of your bone of contention and point out that it appears you have a comprehension problem by accusing me of having made a statement whereas I asked a question and even used two question marks to emphasize that point.

          Suggest accordingly your last para of your pontificating 'sermon from the mount' amounts to little more than a unfounded misguided emotive rant.

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          Jul 12 2013: What is most important to a country, it's location or It's culture?
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          Jul 12 2013: TED Friend.............. why do you keep trying to put words in my mouth that I did not state.


          Further suggest that excluding other cultures from ones shores does not equate to racism nor does one become a racist for saying so.

          And as your the one that started the semantics on words...............objectively just because one is the dominant culture does not automatically equate to it being a superior culture.

          Suggest your emotive rants and misinformation about what I have or haven't said are starting to equate to clutching at straws.

          Further suggest your 'cheery picking' and ignoring the answers I give to your questions is PC or cowardice at its best.

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          Jul 14 2013: ROFL..................1 day ago: "WHERE DID I STATE ANYTHING ABOUT ONE CULTURE OR ANOTHER BEING SUPERIOR??"

          Right here: "It was European Judea/Christian multiculturalism ideologies and work ethics that made both the US and Europe successful."

          Suggest that is a statement of fact (in my opinion) as to who is responsible for a certain outcome and has nothing to do with any claims of 'superiority'.

          Suggest you have comprehension problems.

          Cowardice?............................yep when one doesn't give specific answers to specific questions.

          Suggest it was you who turned the topic into a discussion about race.

          And btw as far as I'm concerned some people are superior to others and by that I mean they are more intelligent, smarter and more competent than others, and if you want to deny that.......................thats your problem/issue as far as I'm concerned.

          And if you are going to claim that makes me a racist then as far as I'm concerned you ooze stupidity!

          Oh and btw if one questions/debates/claims whether certain races are superior than others, does not automatically make one a racist if the evidence is there.

          Last time I looked the PC folk don't want to even go there because its been called the 'Last TABOO' by some.
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    Jul 11 2013: The first decision is that there is prejudice, the second decision is that we have to demonstrate that we are not racist.

    It doesn't really work as it causes stupidity, because to have a perspective on any of this can be construed as racism.

    The culture has been "taught" by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Gloria Steinum that we are prejudiced and need to be less offensive. The problem is the first decision/allegation is what sticks.

    The real solution is to just view things as they are. This means that different races have different qualities. Otherwise it renders people stupid.

    Watch this guy at 14:30 rendering himself stupid.
  • Jul 11 2013: Political correctness can mean calling a group of people by the term desired.

    For example, back when, a person that had an IQ under a certain number was called a imbecile. That was the scientific definition of an imbecile. We then changed it to another euphemism, to make it politically correct. The clinical word for them then became retard (this means slow in many languages and in English). That then became politically incorrect.
    Now the socially acceptable words are "differently abled" "developmentally changed," and "special needs people." These will soon become politically incorrect, (like "special ed." has become) when the meaning catches up to the word. Then we will move onto other euphemisms. I am not sure I understand the point of this.

    Obviously people should not use racial slurs. I am not saying that African American is a euphemism for the N-word. In this case, I think people should be politically correct and not use derogatory terms to talk about groups of people. The meaning associated with the N-word is different that the meaning of saying African American.
    It is similar to referring to women vs bitches. Even though you refer to people with XX chromosomes (or transgender women), the meaning associated with the word is different. It is derogatory. Not using derogatory terms is a form of political correctness, and I find nothing wrong with that.

    I do have problems when history is changed in order to be PC. That does not help anyone.
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      Jul 11 2013: Well Betty..................suggest you come on 'all politically correct' by not actually stating the REAL 'N' word and then tell us you have a problem when history is changed to be PC.

      Suggest you practice what you preach!

      • Jul 11 2013: I am not sure I understand what you are saying. I did exactly what you suggest. I was "all politcally correct" and did not actually state the N-word. I then said I did not agree when being PC changes history.

        I am not sure I understand how not saying the N-word changes history.
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          Jul 11 2013: Well Ted Friend.....curious here......kindly enlighten me of what you see as the 'correct context' of the word/term 'Nigger' and give me specific examples of the usage of the kosher and non kosher word/term 'Nigger' in two separate sentences showing how one usage is racist and the other not.

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          Jul 12 2013: Well once again Ted Friend..........lets start off by making the point that this is a discussion forum.
          Accordingly why would I be wrong to suggest your ...'Get off that high horse there BR.' is an attempt to stifle the discussion? Just asking.

          And yes I agree context and motive of words/a word designate its purpose and intent/motive.

          But the last time I looked it had become Politically incorrect to use the word 'Nigger' in any context or form.............full stop, and even kiddies books ala Noddy have been deemed PC incorrect.

          We have schools removing pork related food from school canteens to be PC:

          Some say thats racism in reverse and existing culture destruction.

          Oh and btw I have been called a racist on/over some matters but as to whether they had a rational valid argument was open to debate.

          As for your claim of me 'blowing it'......:)..........that coming from somebody that does the semantics of context and motive, suggest you should do the semantics on 'suggest' as opposed to 'claim/claiming'.

          Further suggest your the one making all the claims about me..............suggest I'm the one thats trying to foster a debate/discussion on what I see as the hypocrisy and dishonesty of PC and the taboos and Sacred cows of our society it is feeding.

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          Jul 12 2013: Ted Friend re your:

          para 1: Don't recall stating I feel recall stating that I saw that, that comment of yours as trying to stifle the discussion. BIG difference.

          para 2. Suggest when the word 'Nigger' is used now days it brings up connotations of the racial variety no matter in what context it is being used. But hey thats only my personal opinion on that point........ just like what you have been expressing, personal opinion.

          para 3. Suggest if you had read the article with 'comprehension,' it amounted to more than a COUPLE of 'school official idiots' (as you have chosen to label/denigrate them) and at time of print are talking 20 schools.
          And what I suggest here also begs the question ....'What facts/truths do you have to support your claims that the school officials are IDIOTS based on your PC ideology and unless you can support your claim I see UNTRUTH and FALSEHOOD coming from you.

          para4. And you know this is ' just the normal crap that goes on every day in schools ' because. And where did I claim I was being...... ' subjected to some heinous secret plot to make me a Muslim.' ?????

          para5. Don't recall seeing anything about anybody being FORCED to eat anything........kindly show me where it stated that. And as for Christians and your prayer red herring.........don't know about your neck of the woods but in mine prayers were only said in the Christian schools and only in the public schools if one participated in the religious indoctrination classes.

          para 6. Don't recall claiming religions don't push their agendas point thereto was that I object to ANY religion or other body requesting/demanding the removal of a food source from the menu of a public tax payer funded school to appease any religious groups belief ideology. Suggest that is discrimination big time.
          And I still see your trying to make with the belittlement of the points of the discussion with the 'secret plot' dribble.

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    Jul 11 2013: Isn't PC an effort to sterilize communication so that no real, or imagined, offense can be taken by ANYONE in the world?
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      Jul 11 2013: Well Edward...................have heard/seen pedaled that according to some, PC is a conspiracy to neutralize the Western World and make them susceptible to the wishes/ideologies of the Middle East.............ala Islam.

      Hows that concept sit with you?
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          Jul 11 2013: Suggest otherwise............................Americans have NOT freely of their own accord changed 'their language' as you suggest.

          The sheeple (which is the majority btw) have been orchestrated by their handlers to change their ways and thoughts.

          Further suggest your usage of the term/words 'lack of maturity' is exactly part of the process of political correctness of stifling peoples outlook and beliefs and telling them to shut up, not question, not criticize and not say it how they really feel about something because its politically incorrect AND they are IMMATURE if they do.

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        Jul 11 2013: Islamic powers have historically managed to impose their power over non-Islamic nations for a time. I am not aware of any lasting occupation of a non-Muslim nation by Islamic power(s). I could be wrong about that, but if it's true I think it will not be changed by PC. I do not see how PC could make me susceptible to the wishes/ideologies of Islam. As a follower of the LORD Jesus Christ I find the claims of Islam to be without basis in fact. PC will not change that in any way. I think PC is less nefarious than you suggest. I think PC is a Liberal effort to reduce "racism, bigotry, sexism, and other intentional acts of hate" (see TED FRIEND's comment above). I think it is a foolish, misguided effort which is doing more harm than good to the cause of Truth.
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          Jul 11 2013: Well Edward...............suggest your point about the 'lasting occupation of Islam' is based on past history and you need to get up to speed of what is happening currently in the big pic of the world and your claims to Islam having 'no basis in fact' is on par with the statement that your faith has no basis of fact either. :)

          That aside.

          Point I was alluding to regarding Islam and the workings of Political correctness is that as soon as one questions the practices or beliefs of Islam the first thing they wheel out is the racist label and that automatically shuts down any discussion or debate on the topic and then political correctness steps in and its a no no to question the practices/beliefs of Islam.

          You Christians have had to contend with it for centuries................(and rightly so methinks).......and accordingly why should Islam be excused or ANYTHING for that matter and be free from being criticized or even denounced/defamed if it deserves it.

          And I do agree with you that PC has done more harm to the 'cause of truth' and has/is just creating more sheeples and drones!

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        Jul 12 2013: RE: " Well Edward. .........". I know many nations are being inundated with Islamic immigrants. That is different than winning a nation as the spoils of war. By that I mean the sentiments of a nation can turn quickly and folks who moved-in can be moved-out just as quickly. I expect to see that happen around Europe and the US when people awaken to the reality of the New Conquering Scheme being executed today. Of course my expression of my personal opinion of Islam's lack of integrity as a way to know God is nothing more than my opinion. You are right to point it out, but you are stating the obvious. My personal experience is in accordance with your assessment of the futility of a meaningful, peaceful discussion of the New Conquering Scheme. It is simply not PC to say they are slowly but surely taking foothold throughout the world for the purpose of bringing the world under Allah and his prophet Muhammed. Such a statement will be met with accusations of bias, hatred, ignorance, and Fundamentalist Lunacy. Oh well. Let's watch!
  • Jul 11 2013: Blade Runner - Perhaps I am dense.
    Having heard the phrase "Political Correctness" I have no idea what is meant by it.

    Can you enlighten myself and some of us who maybe likewise dense?
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      Jul 11 2013: Perhaps you are 'dense' and as I don't know you well enough it would be Politically incorrect of me to claim you were.:):):):)
      BTW you could have googled ................ so maybe after all, that does make you dense???? :)

      Anyways...............check these out...............

      or take this on board..............

      There's an annual contest at Griffiths University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

      This year's term was 'political correctness'. The winning student wrote:-

      'Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of sh*t by the clean end.'

      Does that help you any Frank??
      • Jul 12 2013: Blade Runner. You've touched my heart.

        Sounds like something the White House would put out to initiate a
        rookie NY Times reporter.
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      • Jul 12 2013: TED FRIEND

        'nuff said.

        Read his response to me.
        You will laugh 'til tear flow.
  • Jul 11 2013: Like always sometimes yes sometimes no