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Do we need to put a greater emphasis on carbon sequestration?

It may already be to late to address climate change by simply burning less fossil fuels. We are already above the critical 350 limit. We need to think of more ways to pull carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it away safely. So far ideas to sequester carbon buried it in the soil. Michael Green has suggest that we could store carbon in our buildings.

  • Aug 8 2013: Yes, i heard a talk from a prof who suggested we could create man made oceans growing algae which would trap carbon dioxide. He actually showed a small experiment in Australia that proved the concept. The numbers seemed to be correct.the algae was harvested for fodder for animals.


    you would have to flood some major areas - admittedly the areas are deserts but some large environmental studies need to be done. there could be loss of endangered species. If it saves the planet, is it worth it?
  • Aug 5 2013: I believe at this point it is time to start coming up with more complex solutions to climate control than just the simple reduction of fossil fuel use. Carbon sequestering is an outside the box thought that should be explored in great detail. My main concern with the heavy use of wood is the deforestation issue, I was raised with the panic of the rainforest being cut down and will always play a role in my thoughts when it comes to cutting down tress.
  • Jul 11 2013: Micheal Hirasuna,

    You are much closer to Washington DC than I am.
    Would you mind just renting a large bulldozer and burying DC.
    Seems that would take care of the problem.

    The simple answers are the hardest to swallow. lol
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    Jul 11 2013: Well, you can't kiln dry the wood like they do now, it would take the natural process of drying like they use to to effectively state that an all wood building can rate a sequester ratio. If you look at modern building systems you will see that they use primarily re-engineered 15-20 year old pine, i think some even use 10 year pine. It's crap, typical building industry trying to lower costs by pushing cheaper material and charging more than they are worth.
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    • Jul 11 2013: TED FRIEND
      You've won today's HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD award.
      The cash prize is zero, but you get to be in another conversation.

      I just watched the news story of using ocean water to manufacture Hydrogen,
      using cloned chlorophyll. Wait til Reader's Digest hears of this new use for
      old gum. ..After they saturate the atmosphere with Hydrogen, the Big Bang
      theory will have more merit.

      If everyone could fly up above 30,000 feet and look down, they might just forget
      about CO2, and Global Warming.

      Has anyone noticed that Canadian property prices are reaching new highs?
      Don't forget to pack extra socks.
    • Jul 11 2013: If carbon is sequestered in the soil it would be in the form of charcoal. It would not be affected by earthquakes.