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What should go into public policy on digital culture?

The Colombian ICT Ministry in association with Trust for the Americas, are currently working on setting out an agenda for the public policy for Digital Culture in Colombia, South America.

There are various ways the term ‘digital culture’ is used, and the consequent definitions tend to coalesce around ideas of digital information creation and use through online means. The use of the term ‘culture’ refers to the emergence of a means of interaction and being, and a community that partakes in these interactions. The affixed term ‘digital’ is thus used as a contrast with an analog means of communication. We define digital culture as the evolving use of digital information as a means of social and economic exchange, usually through a range of technological artifacts.

In this context, we understand digital culture as a social practice. Therefore, we would like to promote crowd wisdom to resolve the questions of: which are the strategic guidelines to develop a long term public policy for digital culture in Colombia? whom are involved? what specific topics should we include? Do you have any specific references or examples we must check? What should be at the core of digital public policy?


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    Aug 7 2013: The only public policy that is needed is to treat access to the internet as a utility like electricity.

    There is no need to define a "digital culture." It defines itself when it is not restricted.
    • Aug 8 2013: Hello Theodore,

      It is the trend around the world to promote internet access. All governments are adopting agendas that promote the use of the internet, in Colombia we have several initiatives that allows access to people that did not have that before. However, the core of the discussion is that even when people have access they do not know exactly the potential of the internet nor how to use it "responsibly". It is important to grant access but educating people on the subject is also needed so that as a society we have a standard of digital literacy. In Colombia they have developed http://www.enticconfio.gov.co/ a site that teaches people about responsible usage of the Internet.

      Do you know of any particular examples or policies that would help us?


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