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Can we start our children in school at an earlier age?

I started school when I was 6 years old. However, I have heard of kids in other countries starting school at age 4 or 5. We honestly did not learn much in those earlier ages but I feel like by the the time I was able to learn, I was not learning enough from school. I know there are many flaws in the American education system and nothing can be changed overnight but this is just an idea I had...

1. Children will have a head start learning not just knowledge but growing with other children

2. Parents can go back to work sooner since a lot of mothers can't go back to work until their children are in school

1. higher expenses for the government
2. possible negative effects on children (being away from their parents at an earlier age?)

I'm not a pediatrician nor a mother so those with insights, please share how you feel about this?


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    Jul 11 2013: I think we should start LEARNING as soon as possible, whether we do it in school or not.
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      Jul 11 2013: What do you consider appropriate learning at a "head start" program? Quantum mechanics by 7 years old as a goal or learning with our peers around us at the same rate basically? Thanks

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