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What is the bond that holds a community together? If woven properly, how can this common bond positively change the world?

How do we use this bond to strengthen our relationships and grow together as a species?


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    Aug 9 2013: We all have to learn about the basic law of nature: every single creature in this world is born to be unique.

    The true importance of an individual in our society does not make much sense to us unless some individual seemly has power over our lives.

    A truly effective school in our childhood shall be a small society where everyone growing up developing its character within the best of his/her unique abilities, and as a part of a whole of this small society. Let young students freely try different schools/environments to eventually find a place to feel "comfortable" in communications with others while gaining recognition as a Person with more or less unique qualities.

    Nature, which is our ULTIMATE school. However, we never learn about this basic fact of life, or better to say -the most powerful law in our existence- and therefore, our ignorance becomes the very core of all our human-made problems. We mistakenly expect that everyone shall feel and understand others the same way. The morals that we artificially create and glorified: one's rightness, or goodness are based on how one feels about himself -- are the most idiotic and harmful.

    All existing man-made systems, including education, healthcare and industries, serve no living person, but only some collective, non-existing prototype. These artificial systems require us to adjust to them obeying their mindless rules.

    Smaller diverse communities and small systems that more or less serve different interests and different characters, in the environment that inspires new experience and knowledge, would be a great start for healing our depressed psyche. Well, why not to start with re-thinking education? Why not to start learning about our own human nature from our very uncorrupted early childhood, free from conventions? A very intuitive young mind has great vision that we, as adults, loose quickly as we grow up tamed by our stiff old mentality.

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